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Wed, 06/29/2011 - 20:06 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Third Of Drivers Fail To Identify Signs

Wed, 29/06/2011
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We all like to think we are the best driver on the road and never make mistakes; however, a recent survey by a well known online motoring magazine has shown that we may not be as great as we believe.

The research revealed that almost a third of all drivers could not identify even the most basic of road signs. Men seemed to be marginally better with an overall success rate of almost 70% compared with just over 60% for women.

In addition, there was a definite split among age groups with older drivers faring much better on average than younger ones. Those between 55 and 64 performed the best with an overall score of more than 70%. Drivers aged between 25 and 34 performed poorly on just over the half way mark, behind 17-24 year olds on almost 60%.

Shockingly less than two per cent of the participants managed to get all the questions correct.

"Time proves to be a good educator," says a spokesperson for the magazine. "But it is a concern that so few of us on the road can remember the most basic of signs."

"We seem to think that as long as we can mechanically perform the function of driving, we don't need to worry about what a road sign is telling us anymore."

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