Tuesday 12th April 2011
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Many drivers in the UK are being wrongfully fined for illegal parking, according to new research. The report by a leading motor insurance provider claims that because most do not realise they have the right to appeal they are simply paying the fixed penalty tickets without any argument.

Every year millions of parking penalties are issued to vehicles in England and Wales, but only a small percentage of drivers actually appealed the fines. However, on average, just under two thirds of the appeals were ruled in favour of the driver.

It appears that some city councils are somewhat overzealous in issuing parking tickets and the worst offenders had more than 90 per cent of appeals against them upheld and the driver did not have to pay the fine. None of the councils mention that drivers have the right to appeal on parking tickets.

Of the motorists that were polled more than half said they were not aware that they have the right of appeal against parking fines. However, many drivers were sceptical about getting a fair hearing but in fact more than nine out of ten of people who did appeal said they were treated impartially.

"People do not know at the beginning of the process that if they feel strongly that the ticket was unfair, they can have their case decided by an independent lawyer," said a parking adjudicator.

"It would help if councils made that clear at the outset." She added.

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