Monday 21st October 2013
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For many UK drivers there are fond memories of their dads and granddads tinkering on the family car in the garage at the weekend. However, cars in those days were much simpler and had less computerisation than they do nowadays and in fact a little tinkering can do more harm than good.
A leading car parts retailer has revealed that the British driving public spend upwards of £300 million a year getting their cars fixed at a garage because of inexperienced tinkering by the owner or a friend.
There are plenty of small repair jobs on cars that can be and should be done by the owner or the vehicle. Things like checking and topping up oil levels, charging the battery and putting anti-freeze into the cooling system are all vital maintenance jobs that should be done regularly to prevent breakdowns.
Unfortunately, many motorists do not seem to be able to manage these simple tasks and the report showed that around 10% of drivers had the wrong type of oil in their car and that water without anti-freeze had been put in the radiator. The battery proved to be a mystery to many tinkerers too with leads being connected wrongly after charging.
If you are not sure then check with a trusted garage and make sure you treat your car properly.

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