Thursday 21st March 2013
Be Wiser Insurance
Despite the economic downturn it seems people in the UK are still buying cars. Whether you have splashed out on a brand new car or have just bought a new-to-you car it is now your pride and joy and you will love it forever.
Or will you? More and more nowadays cars are not being cared for in the same way as our parents or grandparents cared for theirs. And this is puzzling because, apart from houses, a car is probably the most expensive bit of kit a person will invest in. So what can you do to keep your new car like new?
First as soon as you bring it home have a look through the manual for service intervals and any special instructions especially for brand new cars. Check the tyres even if you have bought it new it is likely that no-one has actually checked them properly. Also check out the spare; make sure it is correctly inflated and you have the tools, and wherewithal, to change it.
If you have bought from a dealership just have a look to see if it has been detailed right. If they haven’t waxed it then do so now, this is a quick and easy way to make sure the car keeps its colour and will help to prevent winter salt and muck getting under the paint creating rusts spots.
We hope you enjoy your new car!

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