Thursday 20th December 2012
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Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of twinkling, festive lights adorning streets full of houses in the evening gloom. With the nights so long and the solstice just around the corner many of us find ourselves driving home after work in the dark. However, these sometimes gloomy journeys are lightened at Christmas time with the sight of many house festooned with sparkly decorations.
You would be forgiven for thinking that this is distracting and causes many accidents, but a recent survey by a leading motor manufacturer found that many drivers are actually on the road for longer.
Of those motorists who replied nearly a third said they would willingly add an extra 5 miles on to their journey just to see a particularly stunning set of Christmas lights. And around 1 in 10 said they would drive up to 10 miles further.
Despite the short days, dark evenings and dismal weather it seems the sight of the seasonal sensational displays have a heartening effect on the UK’s motorists; with almost two thirds of drivers saying they purposely slow down to enjoy the festive visions, especially if they have the kids in the car.
However, on a serious note it is important if you are looking at Christmas lights to make sure you do not cause a traffic jam or get into difficulties on slippery wintery roads.

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