Monday 28th October 2013
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With the recent huge storm hitting the UK the season of autumn finally seems to have made its presence felt. The best start to safe autumn driving is to make sure you car is ready for it. Here are some top tips on how to keep your car in peak condition for the autumn:
1. Windscreen Wipers – you may have only used them a handful of times in the last few months so it is worth having a really good look. Ideally it is best to get some new blades around every two years and you will need that good visibility when the nights start to draw in.
2. Washer Fluid – you may not have realised it but the summer has probably encrusted your windscreen with dead bugs, bits of leaves and dust from the roads. That first wipe over with your new wiper blades will need lots of soap and water to clear it. And don’t forget the antifreeze.
3. Battery – one of the most common reasons why cars breakdown is a faulty or old battery, get it checked by a garage if you are not sure what to do.
4. Lights – with the clocks going back you will really notice the dark evenings now and your lights need to be cleaned and working so you can see and be seen.
5. Tyres – the only parts of the car that actually touch the road is often neglected. Double check for obvious wear and bulges and lumps. Also make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure.
Next time tips on how to drive safely in autumn.

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