Monday 30th March 2009
Be Wiser Insurance

Vintage vehicle owners keen to protect their cheap car insurance premiums may want to think about installing security features in their autos, it has been suggested.

Tracker - a motor recovery firm - explained antique models are often targeted by criminals because they do not have the sophisticated kind of anti-theft devices that come with more up-to-date machines.

It acknowledged some protective measures can spoil the look of a rare vintage car, but added it offers a tracking system that does not affect the appearance of historic vehicles.

Geoff Taylor, a former police officer, said there are other benefits of installing such technology.

He stated: "There is also the added advantage of a possible reduction in insurance premiums, good news for any collector as costs and maintenance can easily escalate."

Meanwhile, Tracker recently reported its systems helped the police find more than £400 million worth of stolen vehicles in 2008.

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