Tuesday 27th April 2010
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The south Gloucestershire town of Yate has successfully campaigned for the removal of much-hated speed humps that had plagued the lives of locals. The decision to install the humps was taken after just 38 people reacted positively during a 2003 consultation, from a potential 4,500 in the area.

Following intensive campaigning by residents fed up with the humps, a second consultation was held, and the results were returned almost seven-to- one opposed out of 435 responses. Over 200 people attended a public meeting organised by the council.

The council has now agreed to install a pedestrian crossing and vehicle activated speed-limit warning signs instead.

“We're delighted that the Council has now listened to residents. This is a real result for road safety," said the local co-ordinator for South Gloucestershire for the Association of British Drivers.

"All over the country we have seen examples of speed humps and traffic calming being imposed, justified by consultations that have failed to consult all those affected. We welcome South Gloucestershire's decision to move away from stone-age traffic calming and towards better, more effective and modern solutions."

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