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Wed, 01/22/2014 - 08:01 -- Anonymous (not verified)

UK Drivers Footing The Bill For Record Numbers Of Fines

Wed, 22/01/2014
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UK Drivers have plenty to worry about already with ever increasing fuel prices, garage bills and road tax hikes but now it seems there is another big bill to add to the list. A recent report by a major news paper has shown that in recent years the number of motoring fines has been on the rise.
For the period of 2011/12 there were recorded more than 1.3 million fines for minor road traffic offences which is an increase of around 16% from the previous corresponding period. The monetary value of these fines was just over £135 million.
Outside of London drivers in the reading area were the hardest hit with more than 100,000 fines being issued in 2011/12 with Londoners being subjected to just under 800,000 in the same year.
A representative from a major motoring organisation was shocked at the figures and said that, despite claims to the contrary from local councils, motorists were being used a source of revenue. Also that traffic cameras should be set up in a fair way and clearly signed so it does not appear that motorists are being punished for minor offenses just to generate money. Most road users driver within the law and would not dream of breaking the rules.
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