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Wed, 06/29/2011 - 20:06 -- Anonymous (not verified)

UK Drivers Most Uptight In Europe Claims Survey

Wed, 29/06/2011
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Driving in the UK can be frustrating for many people however, it seems we Brits are unable to curb our tempers abroad either as we come out top of a poll of uptight drivers. The survey was commissioned by the RAC foundation and was carried out across Europe in 23 countries and more than 13,000 drivers.

Almost nine out of ten British drivers admitted to getting wound up by other road users for such violations as double parking, cutting into queuing traffic, changing lanes without indicating and leaving main headlights on when passing or following. Probably we get annoyed with this sort of behaviour because we feel it is rude and contravenes our highly developed sense of right and wrong as a nation.

The most relaxed drivers were the Belgians with only just over half saying they get cross at other drivers. Almost two thirds of French drivers admitted they had acted aggressively towards other road users and German road-ragers were the most likely to flash their headlights and tailgate.

Around three million UK motorists head for the continent inn their cars every year so it is important to keep a cool head and don’t let any transgressions by foreign drivers bother you or you could end up in hospital.

"High holiday spirits and poor local knowledge can turn a drive to the beach into a trip to A&E," said a spokesperson for the RAC Foundation.

"British motorists driving abroad need to expect the unexpected at all times if they want to bring home holiday photos rather than X-rays."

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