Wednesday 9th April 2014
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A survey commissioned by the AA has found some worrying statistics about how car drivers view horses on the road. Nearly a tenth of motorists don’t seem to know what to do when they encounter these four-legged road users.

More shockingly almost a fifth thought horses should stay off the roads altogether!

The Telegraph has reported some results from the survey and also given some helpful information about what to do:

“Some eight per cent admit they do not know how to pass a horse safely on the road, and six per cent have had a “near miss” with a horse and rider. 17 per cent said they did not think horses should be allowed on roads at all.

Drivers who encounter a horse and rider are advised to slow right down and be prepared to stop if necessary, before passing slowly with at least a car’s width of berth.

Anything likely to spook the horse, such as revving the engine, sounding the horn or splashing them with a puddle, should be avoided while drivers should also watch out for any signals the rider may be making.

After passing the horse, the driver can accelerate away gently.”

If drivers are aware of how horses may react and why riders make signals maybe we can learn to better share our roads, and make them a safer place for everyone on them.

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