Thursday 18th February 2010
Be Wiser Insurance

There’s a reason why women’s car insurance is cheaper, and that’s because they are safer drivers.

 Traditionally, women’s car insurance has been less expensive than other demographic groups, especially for women under the age of 25, a main factor being that women are less likely to be in an accident than men.

 Female drivers are considered a lower risk by car insurance companies not simply because of their gender, but because they have different driving habits to men.

 Women behind the wheel are likely to be quicker to switch focus to deal with an unexpected event - such as a car pulling out in front of them, or a blown out tyre on a motorway, while men are supposed to be better at spatial tasks, such as parking.

 Trends show that women tend to buy smaller, less expensive cars than men, which means they cost less to repair than more expensive models therefore leading to lower claims and cheaper insurance.

 Government figures show that over 92% of convictions for driving offences in the UK are for men. So statistically, women are (in fact) safer and more law abiding drivers.

 The worst group statistically for car insurance is male teenagers, not only do they make more claims but they also make more expensive claims.

 Whatever the reasons for women having fewer accidents than men, however, the fact remains that as far as insurers are concerned, women remain a safer bet. That's why they continue to enjoy lower insurance premiums, and why insurers such as are willing to offer their female customers cheaper car insurance policies.

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