Monday 30th April 2018
What’s the most germ-riddled part of your car?

Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars, but that doesn’t always mean their hygiene standards are up to scratch! Surprisingly, the steering wheel and gear stick weren't the most contaminated, with the car boot containing the most germs.

Rob Hull, The Daily Mail, reports:

Your car is an ideal breeding ground for germs, but do you know which parts of the interior are most riddled with them?

A new study has revealed all, by taking swabs from 20 parts of the inside of a car that you would commonly come into touch with - and the results might be a little surprising.

The samples taken showed that the steering wheel - the most touched part of a car - was one of the most germ-free areas swabbed, while the boot of this particular car that had been used for transporting pets was the area most contaminated.

The other areas with the most visible bacteria were the driver footwell, seatbelt button and handbrake.

The experiment was conducted by auto retailer Motorpoint, which specialises in selling nearly-new second-hand cars - so it knows how disgusting a vehicle interior can get and the importance of a good valet before putting one out onto the forecourt.

Unsurprisingly, the study exposed just how bad slack car cleaning and maintenance could be to your - and your passengers' - health.

'Borrowing' a car that was being used on a day-to-day basis, including ferrying children around and transporting pets, the used-car seller meticulously swabbed each of the 20 areas using agar-filled petri dishes and sealed them to avoid contamination.

The samples were then left to thrive for five days before being analysed and compared.

Results shows that the car boot was the most bacteria-affected area - mainly as a result of the owner's repeated trips with pet dogs.

Inspection of the samples also revealed that the cup holder, inside door handle, and radio volume button had also accumulated plenty of white and black-coloured mould.

Surprisingly, the three cleanest areas that had the least germs were ones owners come into contact with most frequently.

This included the rear-view mirror, steering wheel rim, and the gear stick - all of which were expected to top the germ charts.

Motorpoint said the results wouldn't have been so disgusting had the owner stuck to a stricter cleaning regime.

According to a survey of 1,050 car owners, Britons only clean the inside of their car an average of ten times a year - approximately once every five weeks.

And considering that 94 per cent of the panel said they eat and drink in the vehicles - and 58 per cent transport pets - it suggests drivers needs to drag out the vacuum and cleaning products more often.

Alison Weatherley, head of marketing at Motorpoint, said: 'The results were quite revealing and showed that maybe we need to clean our cars a little more often that we currently think is acceptable.

'Many drivers eat or drink in their vehicle, as well as chauffeuring young children or pets, and these can also have an impact on dirtiness in cars.

'To avoid excessive grubbiness, we recommend that people action regular car cleaning - both inside and out!'

Shockingly, almost one in 10 (9 per cent) of those surveyed said they clean the interior of their car just twice a year or fewer.

When it came to opinions on frequency of car cleaning, typically there was a gender split with men more likely to focus on a gleaming exterior, whereas women were less willing to sitting in a grubby interior.

Keeping your car clean on both the inside and outside can take a lot of time and money if left to get too grimy. Regularly staying on top of car cleanliness will reduce the build up of bacteria and keep your car fresher for longer – and it will also ensure you’re as visible as possible to other drivers.

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