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Mon, 02/05/2018 - 11:44 -- sdukbewiser

Why you should always check your blindspot when changing lanes

Mon, 05/02/2018
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Why you should always check your blindspot when changing lanes

Checking your blind spot when behind the wheel is a must before any manoeuvre, whether that’s changing lanes on the motorway, parking or simply turning a corner. Despite this, it’s often overlooked, with potentially dangerous consequences.

MSN news reports:

A terrifying video has emerged, showing why you should always double check your mirrors and blindspot before you move over on a motorway. The footage, captured on dashcam by a passing vehicle, shows a driver attempting a lane change – only noticing an impending collision at the last minute.

A silver saloon car begins drifting across its lane, seemingly unaware of another vehicle overtaking on its outside. The driver of the silver car finally notices they're about to smash into following traffic, and jerks back into their own lane – but they overcorrect, and are immediately sent into a terrifying spin.

The (very) lucky driver thankfully managed to avoid hitting any other vehicles, neatly slotting into gaps in traffic – though it comes very close to being hit in the side by a following hatchback.

After performing a 180 degree spin, the vehicle rights itself and continues on its way – likely with a very shaken and terrified driver behind the wheel.

Commenters on Imgur, the image sharing site where the video was first posted, were impressed there wasn't a more serious outcome from the incident. "There were several amazing wreck avoidances by those other drivers, and nice recovery by the dude causing all the havoc," wrote one user.

Ensuring you’re taking every precaution to remain safe and vigilant when driving is a must, and checking your blind spot is vital.

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