Friday 25th November 2016
Worried about winter? IAM Roadsmart gives advice for bikers.

Roads inevitably deteriorate during the winter, with potholes, cracks and road surfaces becoming more “challenging” for motorists. This can present safety issues for everyone, but especially motorcyclists. This is before you consider the problems surrounding clothing and visibility which are heightened for bikers in the winter.

Jack Evans, Yahoo! News, reports:

With winter on the horizon, it’s a tricky time to be out and about on two wheels. That’s why IAM RoadSmart are giving bikers some advice on how to tackle the roads at this time of year.

The UK’s largest road safety charity is urging bikers to beware of strong gusts, especially when emerging from behind buildings or when beside high-sided vehicles. These can easily catch people out, and a sudden change of direction could easily scare another road user.

Planning a trip is key to staying safe, as is checking the weather before setting off. This can make the difference between a pleasant or unpleasant journey.

Dressing correctly is also an important part of ensuring that your journey is hassle-free. It’s also vital for bikers to check their visors, as any small scratches can quickly become dangerous, as they show up more easily in the dark with oncoming headlights.

Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, said: “As with all things motorcycling, preparation is key. Having the right equipment makes all the difference. Motorcycles are supposed to be fun. By planning your ride along a route that will have seen some attention from the council you are likely to arrive home safely without having any moments.”

The charity also advises riders to check their position on the road. Even if you’re a confident rider, this will make no difference when there’s no grip on the surface. It’s better to be aware of where water is collecting, and avoid it accordingly.

Potholes can also prove disastrous for motorcycles. They’re harder to see in the dark, so that’s why it’s best to slow down and take it easy, which will make seeing obstacles in the road simpler.

So, if you’re a motorcyclist, it’s best to be prepared, plan your journey and take your time. With longer, darker, colder nights, motorcyclists are much more at risk at this time of year, so please be extra vigilant at checking for them on the roads.

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