Wednesday 16th March 2011
Be Wiser Insurance

It is not surprising due to the amount of miles they do that some business drivers have the odd dent or ding in their vehicles. However, a recent report, from a leading motor insurance company, has shown that around a fifth of those who drive for work have been involved in an accident while on company business.

Motor insurance firms are now calling for business managers to ensure the proper risk management strategies are used and that business drivers are given correct training. The survey showed that men are more likely to be involved in crashes than women, and that drivers of company cars are more likely to crash than those who use their own cars.

A motor insurance spokesman added that properly managed claims could cut thousands of pounds from the costs of repairing damaged vehicles.

"One of the main priorities of a fleet professional is to make driving at work as safe as possible and reducing the number of collisions employees experience is one way to achieve this," said a motor insurance spokesman.

"This will help the company meet its duty of care obligations and also reduce the direct and hidden costs associated with each collision.

"We strongly advise fleet managers to conduct risk assessments and implement risk management solutions to help reduce collision rates for employees driving on company business," he said.

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