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Wed, 07/04/2012 - 00:07 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Young Drivers Like Safety Cameras

Wed, 04/07/2012
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Safety cameras are often a sore point for Britain’s drivers as many of us have been caught out and had to pay a fine for a seemingly minor incident. However, it seems there is a growing number of younger drivers that are actually in favour of safety cameras and think that there should be more on the roads.

A poll by a well known motoring organisation has revealed that 17-24 years old are much more positive than drivers over 45 of safety cameras. The reason for this disparity is probably a result of younger drivers being on the road less and doing shorter journeys as well as being used to the sight of cameras on the streets since they were very young. Whereas older drivers tend to take longer journeys and remember when street furniture consisted of street lamps and the occasional sign.

Another fact found was that women were more inclined to be more supportive than men of safety cameras but this is probably because women tend to commit fewer traffic offences. Possibly men see cameras as a menace and that they are out to get them; especially those who drive more than 20,000 miles per year who were the least supportive of safety cameras.

Those who drive long distances are likely to blame cameras for being late or being caught and really they should be looking at unreasonable schedules and being overworked instead.

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