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70% of people would store Christmas presents in the car to hide them from loved ones.
Tuesday 20th December 2016

If your presents to loved ones are already wrapped, then at least you’re part way to concealing them, but if you’re a last-minute wrapper, you will no doubt have a number of places that you have ready to hide them.

Car key jammers: What you need to know
Friday 16th December 2016

Everyone is aware of the campaign reminding drivers to remove valuables from view when leaving your car unattended. The risk used to be from a passer-by smashing the car window and stealing your handbag that had been left in plain view.

Why would you want to buy a self-driving car?
Wednesday 14th December 2016

The joy of driving is a familiar concept, but is part of this joy taken away if you switch to an autonomous car? This perhaps represents the transition from loving to drive, to driving for convenience.

Apple confirms its interest in self-driving cars
Monday 12th December 2016

There’s been a lot of interest surrounding self-driving cars, so it was only a matter of time before the technology giant Apple got on board.

David Curry, ReadWrite, reports:

Survey finds many drivers ignorant of motoring laws
Friday 9th December 2016

Ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to breaking the law, especially when those laws are in place to protect both yourself and other road users whilst driving. But how many of them do you actually know?

Stephen Goldasz, Car Keys News, reports:

The AA have launched a short film that demonstrates the dangers of texting at the wheel
Wednesday 7th December 2016

The AA has released a short film to highlight the dangers of texting and driving. At over 11 minutes long it’s a longer than normal campaign, but certainly powerful.

Drivers who kill whilst on mobile phones will face life sentences
Monday 5th December 2016

The punishment for using your mobile phone whilst driving is set to dramatically increase if it causes an accident resulting in death.

Seatbelt evolution continues to save lives
Wednesday 30th November 2016

With our roads becoming more congested, and arguably the condition of our roads becoming compromised as a result, it’s reassuring to learn that the technology behind seatbelts is becoming more advanced.

The Telegraph reports:

If you hit an elk in Finland it’s illegal not to tell the police: Ten weird road safety rules from around the world revealed
Monday 28th November 2016

Whilst it’s illegal to speed, drink and drive, drive without a license and drive without a seatbelt, if you were in Sark it would be illegal to even drive at all! Our latest article gives you the strangest driving laws from around the world.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Worried about winter? IAM Roadsmart gives advice for bikers.
Friday 25th November 2016

Roads inevitably deteriorate during the winter, with potholes, cracks and road surfaces becoming more “challenging” for motorists. This can present safety issues for everyone, but especially motorcyclists.

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