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Motorist stopped on the M55 for driving without a tyre
Monday 26th March 2018

Seatbelt, check. Headlights if it’s dark, check. Four wheels on the car…?

AOL Cars UK reports:

Traffic police in North Lancashire have posted images on social media of a vehicle they stopped on Sunday in rather unusual circumstances.

The Met Police’s new fleet of cars will emit only water
Friday 23rd March 2018

As we move towards a future of cars that are more considerate to the environment, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the Met Police are leading the way in low emission vehicles.

Richard Aucock, Motoring Research, reports:

What is it like to drive the new Ford Fiesta ST?
Wednesday 21st March 2018

Image Credit
If you’re interested in the release of the new Ford Fiesta ST in May, then this report may be hugely useful!

Charlie Turner, TopGear.com, reports:

What exactly is a 'classic' car?
Monday 19th March 2018

Everyone has their own definition of what makes a classic car, classic. Is it a car that isn’t built anymore, or perhaps something that’s very rare?

Ed Wiseman, The Telegraph, reports:

There were almost 1 million lost driving licences in the UK in 2017
Friday 16th March 2018

Brits applied for 931,527 replacement licences in 2017 at a cost of £19 million. Here's what to do if you lose yours!

Hugo Griffiths, AutoExpress, reports:

Number of driving penalty points issued fell by a quarter in 2017, as UK motorists fear harsher fines.
Wednesday 14th March 2018

Experts believe the higher chance of receiving both a fine and endorsements for motoring offences has kerbed some illegal activity on the roads.

Rob Hull, Mail Online, reports:

Who will be blamed if a self-driving car has a crash - the owner or the vehicle maker?
Monday 12th March 2018

Self-driving cars have been a hot topic in the news in recent years, but their release on the roads remains controversial. One such worry is who would be accountable should a self-driving car be involved in an accident.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Garages could grind to a halt in March: Car owners warned this month will be the busiest for MOTs on record
Friday 9th March 2018

Is your car MOT due this month? If so, you could be among half a million other UK drivers who will be booking their car in for an MOT in March.

Rob Hull, The Daily Mail,

Learner drivers will be allowed to take lessons on motorways from Monday 4 June
Wednesday 7th March 2018

The DVLA have confirmed that learner drivers will be given access to motorways from 4th June this year.

Rob Hull, the Mail Online, reports:

Almost 9 in 10 parents still don't understand new child car booster seat laws introduced last year
Monday 5th March 2018

Every parent wants to put the safety of the child first, but are they always aware of the laws surrounding booster seats, and why those laws exist?

Rob Hull, MailOnline, reports:

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