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Can we really afford to lose the hard shoulder?
Tuesday 31st May 2016

We all know at least one person that’s had the misfortune of being a sitting duck on the hard shoulder.

Is your petrol bill cheaper than in 2005? A tank costs £8 more, but there’s a good chance your annual fuel bills are less.
Friday 27th May 2016

The cost of fuel has risen steady, fluctuating along the way, but ultimately leading to higher prices in the long run. But interestingly, the overall annual cost of fuel appears to have reduced.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Planning a road trip? Here’s 10 essential car checks…
Thursday 26th May 2016

The summer months are fast approaching, and this means the potential for road trips – whether that’s within the UK or venturing out to Europe. But as with any long journey, conducting the necessary checks on your vehicle before you leave is a must.

Gareth Herincx, MSN news, reports:

Fancy learning to drive in a Bentley?
Friday 20th May 2016

Learning to drive is an exciting experience. But for anyone who sits behind the wheel for the very first time, getting to grips with the control and handling can take some time!

Why having a satnav in your windscreen could cause you to crash
Thursday 19th May 2016

Many of us rely on sat navs to get us from A to B, but what if they are more of a hindrance than a help? Research has shown that the positioning of your satnav on the windscreen could have dire consequences by reducing your visibility.

Paul Hudson, The Telegraph, reports:

The Grand Tour
Monday 16th May 2016
After James May’s suggestions of ‘Roger’ and ‘Nigel’ were rejected (they are still names after all), the name of the show starring the famous three has finally been revealed. Clarkson, May and Hammond will be starring in… ‘The Grand Tour’.

Google confirms driverless car partnership with FCA Fiat Chrysler
Friday 13th May 2016

Autonomous cars are a hot topic when it comes to motoring news. And it looks like we might be a step closer to bringing these self-driving cars to our roads.

Tom Wiltshire, Auto Express, report:

Choosing the right optional extras for your new car
Thursday 12th May 2016

New wheels! Fantastic. But now to think about those added extras? Choosing carefully can make quite a large difference when it comes to selling on your car. The below article gives some great advice to help you narrow down your options, and get the most bang for your resale buck.

Signed, sealed and delivered… and damaged in 57 days: Almost a third of drivers prang a new car within two months of ownership
Monday 9th May 2016
Have you just treated yourself to a new car? Or know someone that has? A word of warning to those that have: recent studies have suggested you could be dealing with some damage to your new set of wheels within 57 days!

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