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Drivers are more likely to crash in the four weeks following the October clock chan
Friday 4th November 2016

Changing the clocks in autumn is associated with getting an extra hour in bed, making sure you arrive at work at the right time, and ensuring you don’t miss your favourite TV programme. New research now suggests it could play a part in road collision statistics too.

Yahoo! News reports:

Drink-drivers are to be taught the dangers of drug-driving.
Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Just when you think drink-driving is of the most dangerous activities you can do behind the wheel; we’re introduced to the growing problem of drug-driving. Research has shown those convicted of drink-driving are more likely to risk drug-driving, prompting a new scheme to try and tackle it.

Backseat Drivers to Take The Wheel In the Countryside
Tuesday 1st November 2016

Think about the street you live in, your drive into town, and the backroads you use to get to where you need to be. These are the roads and lanes you know as well as the back of your hand. You know every twist and turn, every zebra crossing, and every single bump in the road.

Is there such thing as no deposit car insurance?
Monday 31st October 2016

To cut a long story short, no, there is no such thing as no deposit car insurance if you are taking out a new policy. It is essential to pay for a car insurance policy, because this payment forms the basis of the contract.

The majority of customers want to change the brand of car they drive
Monday 31st October 2016

Are you totally happy with the car that you drive? Or do other brands seem just that little bit more glamourous, and perhaps, even more efficient. If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone, as the majority of drivers would like to change their brand of car.

Yahoo! News reports:

'Flawed decisions' by DVLA put disabled and ill drivers off the road but allow others who pose a risk to keep their licence
Friday 28th October 2016

Are you completely honest with the DVLA? Do you keep them up to date on address changes and changes of vehicle? And do you keep them up to date with your medical health?

Smoking in the car
Wednesday 26th October 2016

Are you a smoker? And if so, do you smoke in your car? If you, or your passengers, insist on smoking in the car it might not only be damaging your health, but damaging your car resale value too.

Yahoo! News reports:

Ford testing technology that will help drivers avoid red lights
Monday 24th October 2016

Have you ever had a day where it feels as though every single red light is against you? Stopping at every junction and sitting patiently in line? With Ford’s new technology this could be a thing of the past, letting you cruise through your journey uninterrupted by pesky traffic lights.

Women are increasingly buying into male-dominated classic car market.
Friday 21st October 2016

Classic car collections typically connote older gentlemen with both the time and the money to invest in such luxuries. However, this couldn’t be further than the truth, with a growing number of women buying into the male-dominated classic car market.

Yahoo! News reports:

Don’t drive too close to horses, eat, or splash a pedestrian: Ten bits of bad driving you might not realise you can get penalty points for.
Wednesday 19th October 2016

Driving safely takes care, patience and attentiveness, but how many of us might be unwittingly breaking the law whilst behind the wheel?

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

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