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New drivers could face night curfews and lower speed limits under new plans considered by government
Monday 12th February 2018

New drivers have less experience on the roads, making them a potentially higher risk when it comes to careless driving. Introducing lower speed limits and enforcing a night curfew could reduce this risk. But is it fair to discriminate against new drivers in this way?

Drivers face fines for going 1mph over the limit
Friday 9th February 2018

The road policing chief has demanded that the days of 'soft' treatment come to an end, and says drivers should stop 'whingeing' if they are caught.

Rebecca Camber and James Salmon, The Daily Mail, report:

Police found using mobile speed cameras for non-speeding offences
Wednesday 7th February 2018

A recent investigation found that 20 police forces are using mobile speed cameras to catch drivers using phones and not wearing seatbelts.

Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express news, reports:

Why you should always check your blindspot when changing lanes
Monday 5th February 2018

Checking your blind spot when behind the wheel is a must before any manoeuvre, whether that’s changing lanes on the motorway, parking or simply turning a corner. Despite this, it’s often overlooked, with potentially dangerous consequences.

MSN news reports:

Not so black and white: Four in five Britons don’t know how to use a zebra crossing – do you?
Friday 2nd February 2018

A zebra crossing is a common feature on UK roads, but are you sure you know the correct way to use it?

Rob Hull, Mail Online, reports:

Nearly 4,000 animals were killed by motorists in the last two years
Wednesday 31st January 2018

Hitting an animal accidentally when driving is emotionally devastating for some, but it can also have financial ramifications too, especially if the animal you hit is fairly large!

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Why are fewer teenagers learning to drive, and is it linked to the higher cost of motoring?
Monday 29th January 2018

Learning to drive at 17 years old has typically been a great way for a teenager to gain independence and perhaps earn a little status amongst their peers. But is that still the case?

James Salmon, The Mail Online, reports:

Where to legally mount a sat nav
Friday 26th January 2018

Many of us use a sat nav to get us from A to B. Not only do they read out the directions for us, but they can also give us traffic updates and redirect us to save time. But do you know where you can legally mount a sat nav in your car? Or have you been unwittingly breaking the law?

Is it illegal to drive with snow on your car?
Wednesday 24th January 2018

The north of the country is more prone to snow, meaning northern drivers will need to pay more attention to brushing snow off their cars. Setting off without clearing your car could mean you’re breaking the law.

RAC Cars reports:

Don’t get fined for de-icing your car
Monday 22nd January 2018

The weather is set to get colder and that means many of us with be faced with de-icing our cars in the morning before we set off for work! But did you know there’s a right way and the wrong way to de-ice your car?

RAC Cars reports:

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