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What are night driving glasses for, and do they work?
Friday 4th May 2018

Driving at night comes with its own set of challenges, but are night driving glasses as good as they are made out to be?

James Wilson, MSN news, reports:

Drivers are handed a private parking ticket every six seconds
Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Drivers are handed a private parking ticket at a rate of one every six seconds. But who is to blame? Is it careless drivers, over zealous parking attendants, or unclear signage?

James Salmon, The Mail Online, reports:

What’s the most germ-riddled part of your car?
Monday 30th April 2018

Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars, but that doesn’t always mean their hygiene standards are up to scratch! Surprisingly, the steering wheel and gear stick weren't the most contaminated, with the car boot containing the most germs.

Rob Hull, The Daily Mail, reports:

What is AdBlue, and what does it do in diesel cars?
Friday 27th April 2018

In order to pass Euro 6 regulations, AdBlue is used in a rapidly-growing number of diesel-powered vehicles, but what exactly is it?

Keith Adams, Car Magazine, reports:

Motorists may need special licences to operate driverless cars
Wednesday 25th April 2018

A new report has suggested that motorists could need special licences to operate autonomous vehicles when they arrive on the roads of the UK.

Yahoo! News reports:

Half of all drivers say speeding is acceptable... and almost two in five have been caught speeding.
Monday 23rd April 2018

A third of drivers admit to deliberately speeding when the road is empty, or if they’re running late. With half of drivers believing it’s acceptable to speed, should more be done to encouraging drivers to slow down and abide by the speed limit?

James Salmon, The Daily Mail, reports:

The five surprising medical conditions you need legally to declare before getting behind the wheel – or risk facing a £1,000 fine and prosecution
Friday 20th April 2018

There are many medical conditions drivers need to declare to the relevant authorities before getting behind the wheel, but there are some that might not, but legally should, be reported to ensure the safety of both the driver, passengers and other road users.

One fifth of motorists and more than a quarter of cyclists admit they’ve run a red light in the last year
Wednesday 18th April 2018

Drivers and cyclists are risking their lives and the safety of others by ignoring one of the most basic road laws – stopping at a red light.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

All drivers under the age of 24 could be barred from carrying more than one passenger in their first two years on the road
Monday 16th April 2018

Passengers can be a distraction, there is no doubt about that. Passengers could change the radio station, turn the music up, talk loudly, contribute to a heated discussion or talk on their phone – to name just a few.

Red, amber or green? Millions of British drivers do not know the sequence of traffic lights.
Friday 13th April 2018

It’s likely that whenever you get in the car, your journey will involve a traffic light junction. Other than knowing that red means stop, and green means go, are you confident in stating the sequence of light that a traffic light shows?

Daily Mail reports:

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