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M25 takes the title as UK’s slowest motorway
Monday 17th April 2017

London has a reputation for being a city that struggles with heavy traffic, so it comes as no surprise that the M25 has taken the titles as the UK’s slowest motorway.

Jack Evans, Yahoo! News, reports:

Public driverless shuttle to be used in UK for the first time
Friday 14th April 2017

It might be a small journey for a driverless car, but it’s a great leap forward in driverless technology!

Laura Thomson, Yahoo! News, reports:

An autonomous commuter shuttle is to be seen on the streets of London in a UK first.

Suzuki Swift: yet another startlingly capable supermini from Japan
Wednesday 12th April 2017

The Suzuki Swift it a popular little car, and for good reason! This report tells you all you need to know about this light, quick and stylish hatchback, and just what makes it so special.

Andrew English, The Telegraph, reports:

Millions of families are set to hit the road for the big Easter getaway – it’s time to get your insurance and breakdown cover into gear.
Monday 10th April 2017

With 4 days off and spring weather, families up and down the country will be hitting the roads on Easter weekend looking for a change of scenery. But is your vehicle, insurance, and breakdown cover ready?

Jo Thornton, The Daily Mail, reports:

Parking chaos expected as ticket machines aren’t prepared for new £1 coin
Friday 7th April 2017

It’s bad enough that parking machines don’t accept copper coins, and worse still when you find a counterfeit coin in your purse that gets rejected. It will be even more frustrating if parking machines are unable to accept the new £1, especially considering it will be legal tender.

Majority of Londoners back driverless cars to ease congestion
Wednesday 5th April 2017

Driverless cars have been a popular topic in the media as their release onto our roads approaches. They haven’t always received a positive response, although Londoners appear to be in  favour.

David Williams, Evening Standard, reports:

One in six British roads are in poor condition because of decades of underfunding and increasing traffic
Monday 3rd April 2017

Clunking over a pothole is all too familiar, and you may even plan your route to avoid some of the worst affected roads in your local area. They aren’t just annoying though, they are potentially dangerous and can easily cause damage to your car.

Why does Peugeot want to buy Vauxhall and what could the deal mean for customers and employees?
Friday 31st March 2017

The PSA Group has been looking to own Vauxhall for many years, and the deal has finally gone through. But what does this mean for Vauxhall?

Rob Hull, The MailOnline, reports:

Ban all cars from the roads near schools to cut air pollution, says London mayor Sadiq Khan
Wednesday 29th March 2017

Air pollution is a hot topic. It’s driving the production of electric cars and has prompted countries such as Norway to consider banning petrol cars altogether. But what steps is the UK taking? The mayor of London has an unusual suggestion.

Fionn Hargreaves, The MailOnline, reports:

Only one in six French learner drivers pass tough new theory test in its first two days.
Monday 27th March 2017

Learning how to drive is a privilege, not a right, and with roads getting busier and cars getting larger, it makes sense to update both the theory and practical driving test. But have they been made too difficult? In France, it seem that they might.

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