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Record number caught cheating on driving tests
Car Insurance
Monday 22nd July 2019
The number of cases of fraud in both the theoretical and practical parts of driving exams has increase by 17.75% in four years.
'Grave concern' as sales of low emission cars fall
Car Insurance
Friday 19th July 2019
New figures have revealed that sales of alternatively fuelled cars have fallen by almost 5% year on year.
More than 1.4m penalties issued by London councils for moving traffic offences
Car Insurance
Wednesday 17th July 2019
A new report has found that over 1.4 million penalty charge notices were issued to London drivers throughout last year, earning local authorities more than £90 million.
Hydrogen cars will overtake electric cars, expert claims
Car Insurance
Monday 15th July 2019
An automotive expert has predicted that the future focus of sustainable car travel will not be electric, due to this method’s limitations.
MPs call for five-year fund to tackle potholes
Car Insurance
Friday 12th July 2019
A new report has called for a five-year fund to help improve local road maintenance, in light of the severe risk that potholes pose to motorists.
More than half of car drivers break 30mph speed limits, says Government
Car Insurance
Wednesday 10th July 2019
New government data has revealed that just over half of motorists speed in 30mph zones and just under half break speed limits on motorways.
UK car production declines for 12th month
Car Insurance
Monday 8th July 2019
The UK produced just 116,035 cars in May, another fall in production year on year which has now resulted in 12 months of decline.
New government plans for tyre age limit for large vehicles
Car Insurance
Friday 5th July 2019
Large vehicles may be required to only use tyres which are less than a decade old under new government propositions.
New road signs to warn of small animals on road
Car Insurance
Wednesday 3rd July 2019
Updates to nationwide road signs will see the introduction of new warnings for hedgehogs on the road.