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Motorway signs should be redrawn to curb careless driving, transport watchdog warns
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Wednesday 8th May 2019

A transport watchdog has called for motorway junction signs to be redrawn to help prevent motorists making last-ditch manoeuvres.

The Telegraph reports:

Motorway signs should be redrawn because of concerns

Car crime rises again with 113,000 vehicles stolen last year
Car Insurance
Monday 6th May 2019

The rise in the number of vehicle thefts meant that one car was reported stolen every five minutes last year, according to new figures.

Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express, reports:


Motorists are being warned to never share photos of their driving licence online
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Friday 3rd May 2019

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, the DVLA has warned motorists to stop sharing images of their driving licences on social media.

Luke John Smith, The Express, reports:


Motorways have become more dangerous since lights switched off
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Wednesday 1st May 2019

There has been an increase in the number of accidents on sections of unlit motorways – lights that have been turned off due to an initiative to reduce energy, a

Surge in drive-off petrol thefts forcing garages to close
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Monday 29th April 2019

New statistics have revealed an increase in the number of motorists driving off without paying for their petrol – costing local stations vast amounts of money.

Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express,

Police device to automatically detect when drivers are using mobile phones
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Friday 26th April 2019

New roadside equipment that will detect when a motorist is using their mobile phone is set to be rolled out by police to raise awareness of the dangers of using

Smart motorways to double in the UK in bold new road network plan
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Wednesday 24th April 2019

Highways England has announced plans to double the length of smart motorways on UK roads.

Luke John Smith, The Express, reports:

Smart motorways are expected to increase by 400-miles across

£317m traffic reduction scheme makes some journeys longer
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Monday 22nd April 2019

Government-funded schemes intended to reduce congestion at peak times in fact worsened congestion at other points of the day, a new report has found.

Tristan Shale-Hester, Auto Express, reports:


London ultra-low emission zone comes into force
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Friday 19th April 2019

A new congestion charge has been introduced in central London, in an attempt to reduce the number of older and more polluting cars being driven in the capital.

Jon Sharman,