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Motoring myths: what ‘black boxes’ reveal about our driving habits
Friday 22nd December 2017

‘Black boxes’ hold an amazing amount of data about UK drivers, making them able to prove, or indeed disprove many popular theories about young drivers, female drivers and male drivers.

Patrick Collinson, The Guardian, reports:

Rise of the white van woman: a third of commercial vehicles are now owned by female drivers
Friday 22nd December 2017

There has been a 29% increase in female applications for heavy vehicle licenses, and this has resulted in 32% of van buyers now being female. Therefore, the stereotype of ‘the white van man’ is clearly dying out!

Rob Hull, the Mail Online, reports:

Tailgating really doesn’t get you to your destination faster, Scientists prove it causes traffic jams that could double your commute time.
Friday 22nd December 2017

Traffic jams are one of the biggest inconveniences of modern life and a new study suggests that tailgating could be causing them.

Joe Pinkstone, Mail Online, reports:

Beware of ‘Frantic Friday’: RAC warns of huge delays on 22nd December as 1.25 million motorists take to the roads before Christmas.
Wednesday 20th December 2017

Drivers are being urged to avoid travelling on 'Frantic Friday' this week when the last of the year's commuter traffic will clash with the Christmas getaway.

Keiran Southern for MailOnline reports:

Be prepared next time with this winter driving checklist
Monday 18th December 2017

Less than a third of drivers say they carry a shovel in their car in winter, but you can be much more prepared by filling your boot with some of these necessary supplies.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Mazda MX-5 Z-Sport announced for the UK
Friday 15th December 2017

The exclusive Mazda MX-5 Z-Sport is limited to 300 models, and comes with a red roof, 17-inch wheels and new leather trim.

Dan Smith, AutoExpress news, reports:

The number of drivers caught on mobile phones falls by 10% in three months after the introduction of tougher penalties
Wednesday 13th December 2017

In March, the penalty of driving with a mobile phone was increased to 6 points, and this seems to have reduced the number of drivers committing the offence.

James Salmon, The Daily Mail, reports:

Dangers of young drivers racing to beat the sat nav
Monday 11th December 2017

One of the joys of a sat nav is the estimated time of arrival it gives you. This enables you to see the remaining time on your journey decreasing as you travel, which should be seen as a helpful addition, not a challenge to beat.

James Salmon, The Mail Online, reports:

New drivers should be taught not to be so rude
Friday 8th December 2017

Staying calm whilst driving, taking your time and being patient are all unwritten rules of the roads. Perhaps keeping your cool is something that comes with experience, or perhaps it’s something that needs to be taught.

Andrew Brady, Motoring Research, reports:

Should motorists re-take their driving test every five years?
Wednesday 6th December 2017

Five years is arguably enough time to pick up bad driving habits and maybe get a little lazy behind the wheel. So, could making drivers re-take their driving test regularly really make our roads a safer place?

Yahoo news! reports:

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