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Just one in 10 parents think they could pass a driving test today
Tuesday 29th August 2017

UK roads have changed a lot in the past decade. Roads have become busier, cars have become cleverer and arguably the state of roads has generally declined. Drivers are often prone to picking up bad habits over time, making the idea of re-sitting a driving test today a daunting one.

There’s been a rise in learner drivers who attack their driving test examiner if they fail.
Friday 25th August 2017

Many new drivers fail their driving test, especially the first time. Learning to drive and passing is a privilege that is earnt through hard work and concentration; it’s not a right. This makes attacking the examiner even more unjustified.

The Daily Mail reports:

Pothole damage to cars has risen by almost a third in 12 months
Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Potholes are every driver’s nightmare. They’re not only dangerous, but they can damage your car and cause delays.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Car breakdowns caused by potholes soared by almost a third between April and June, new figures from the RAC have shown.

What’s your car trying to tell you?
Monday 21st August 2017

Are you confident in recognising each and every possible warning light that might show on your dashboard? Or are there a few that would raise a question mark?

Anthony Joseph, Daily Mail, reports:

Why are people not buying Vauxhalls?
Friday 18th August 2017

Do you own a Vauxhall? If not, would you consider buying one? With sales at an all-time low, why has the uptake of Vauxhall cars dropped so much?

Richard Aucock, MSN news, reports:

10 simple mistakes motorists make that could invalidate their car insurance
Wednesday 16th August 2017

Are you guilty of driving in flipflops, or do you perhaps have fluffy dice hanging on your rear-view mirror? If the answer is yes, you may be making your car insurance invalid.

Rob Hull, Daily Mail, reports:

Petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric? How do you know what the right powertrain is for you?
Monday 14th August 2017

If you’re in the market to purchase a new car, do you take in consideration whether the car is petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric?

Jim Holder, MSN reports:

These are confusing times for car buyers looking to buy the car that best suits their needs.

UK motorways could be covered with pollution tunnels to trap fumes
Friday 11th August 2017

If you live near a main road or motorway, you’ll be familiar with the noise pollution that inevitably accompanies a busy road. But, have you thought about the air pollution?

Michael Cox, Auto Express reports:

Driving home the good news about electric cars
Wednesday 9th August 2017

Electrics cars have come a long way, with the efficiency and technology advancing at an incredible pace. Sir Richard Branson has played a key part in this development and has begun paving the way to a quieter and cleaner future for cars.

Harriet Alexander, The Telegraph, reports:

The number of traffic police falls by a third in just 10 years, leading to questions over how new laws can be enforced.
Monday 7th August 2017

The number of traffic officers has fallen by a third in ten years. This has raised concerns over how UK roads will be kept safe, with fewer officers to police the roads.

The Daily Mail reports:

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