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Trends and Advancements In Car Theft
Monday 1st October 2018

Trends and Advancements In Car Theft - from our partner Warranty Direct

Middle-lane hoggers face police crackdown
Monday 1st October 2018

Thames Valley police are to take a tougher attitude towards motorists who continuously drive in the middle lanes of motorways.

The RAC reports:

Drivers who hog the middle lane have been made the subject of a police crackdown in the south of England.

Tailgaters to blame for 1 in 8 road casualties
Friday 28th September 2018

Highways England have called for motorists to take greater care in the distance they leave between other cars, after data revealed tailgating causes a large proportion of road traffic accidents.

The RAC reports:

Volkswagen to stop making its classic Beetle next year
Wednesday 26th September 2018

Car manufacturing giants Volkswagen have announced they will be stopping the assembly of their iconic Beetle model.

The Guardian reports:

No-deal Brexit may invalidate UK driving licences
Monday 24th September 2018

British motorists will have to apply for an international permit if they wish to drive in Europe, in the event a deal for Brexit cannot be agreed.

The RAC reports:

Low emissions cars could get green number plates
Friday 21st September 2018

The Government has launched a discussion as to whether more environmentally friendly cars should be given green number plates.  

Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express, reports:

Pavement signs could help phone-obsessed pedestrians
Wednesday 19th September 2018

A government advisor has proposed for new signs to be installed into pavements to stop preoccupied pedestrians causing accidents.

The RAC reports:

Government invests £10million in digital tech to beat roadwork jams
Monday 17th September 2018

Plans to fund new technology that can reduce the number of traffic jams caused by roadworks have been laid out by the Government.

Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express, reports:

Road users put at risk by ‘dangerous’ tyres
Friday 14th September 2018

New research has revealed that the majority of part-worn tyre dealers are selling illegal tyres to drivers.

The RAC reports:

Unsafe and illegal tyres are routinely being sold across the UK, according to the shocking findings of an in-depth investigation.

Thursday 13th September 2018

While there has been an 11 percent decrease in UK road accidents within the last five years, there were still 181,384 reported cases during 2016.

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