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Homeowner finds a stranger’s car parked on her driveway – but the law is not on her side to get it removed!
Monday 11th June 2018

A woman who found a stranger's car blocking the driveway outside her house was told by police 'Sorry, the law's not on your side' when she complained. The outraged woman was told the driver's rights came above hers - she could be charged with criminal damage if she tries to move it herself.

Tuesday 5th June 2018

New technology for traffic lights which could help motorists avoid stopping altogether is to be tested in Britain.

The Daily Mail reports:

Reaching a traffic light just as it turns green can cheer up the most miserable of drivers.

Would you travel in a self-driving car?
Friday 1st June 2018

Survey reveals fear of robot rides has risen, with 73% saying they wouldn't trust an autonomous vehicle.

Phoebe Weston, MailOnline, reports:

One in five British cars is fitted with ‘dangerous’ tyres, warns new study, is your vehicle at risk?
Wednesday 30th May 2018

Nearly 8 million vehicles have potentially dangerous tyres, and an additional 1.4 million vehicles have one illegal tread depth.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Drivers who park their car the wrong way on the road risk £1,000 fine
Friday 25th May 2018

Drivers who park the wrong way at night could face a £1,000 fine after falling foul of a little-known rule.

Toby Meyjes, MSN news, reports:

The Highway Code stipulates that drivers must park the same way as the flow of traffic at night - if not using a marked bay.

New MOT test rules could result in more road accidents
Wednesday 23rd May 2018

The new MOT exemption for classic cars more than 40 years old could result in more road accidents due to a lack of understanding and potential safety oversights.

Peter Stubley, The Independent, reports:

New Duchess radiates glamour as Harry drives her to evening reception in the world's most beautiful eco car
Monday 21st May 2018

Over 11 million people in the UK watched Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle on Saturday. It was a truly historic event, but did you notice the car they left Winsor Castle in?

Cheyenne Roundtree, The Mail Online, reports:

Motorway potholes are taking more than a month to fill in, causing damage to cars and endangering drivers.
Friday 18th May 2018

Lethal potholes are being left for months on British motorways, damaging cars and endangering the lives of motorists.

James Salmon, The Daily Mail, reports:

Highways England is responsible for looking after England’s motorways and major A-roads.

Eyes on the road: Big brother cameras aim to stop distracted motorists from texting, unwrapping burgers or fixing their makeup whilst driving
Wednesday 16th May 2018

A new law will allow cameras to catch motorists using their phones while driving, catching them driving at speed for up to 50 meters. They will also watch to see if drivers are distracted whilst eating food or putting on make up in a bid to make UK roads safer.

How Long Should Tyres Last For?
Tuesday 15th May 2018

Tyres are the only things sitting between your car and the road, and they are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. As such, you need to look after them and make sure they are in good condition.

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