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Britain’s roads are getting busier as traffic increase by 2.2%
Thursday 4th May 2017

Busier roads can mean more congestion and longer waiting in traffic. It also means that because our roads are experiencing higher traffic volumes, it’s more likely that our roads will be damaged.

Darren Cassey, Yahoo! News, reports:

Three-quarters of drivers want to raise motorway limit to 80mph, as new bigger speeding fines arrive
Thursday 4th May 2017

Busier roads mean a higher risk of an accident, and naturally this risk is accentuated when drivers speed. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that speeding fines have been increased, as the safety of British roads is considered.

Rebecca Rutt, The Daily Mail, reports:

Unfit to drive? Now your GP can report you. Tough new guidance says doctors have a duty to report patients who take the wheel against medical advice
Thursday 4th May 2017

Driving is a potentially dangerous activity at the best of times, and  even more so if you’re not fit to drive. Unfortunately many people discount medical conditions that could cause a either a lapse in concentration or a physical disability that makes driving a much more hazardous activity.

My four-wheeled best-friend: how owners love their cars
Friday 28th April 2017

Whether you’ve been driving the same car for a number of years, or about to get a new set of keys to a four-wheeled friend, it’s likely you have named your car.

David Finlay, MSN News, reports:

For £53,000, is this Mercedes-Benz V-class Marco Polo the perfect luxury camper van for summer adventures?
Wednesday 26th April 2017

Summer is fast approaching, and that means many of us will be turning out backs on the 9 til 5 to escape, temporarily, from the daily grind.

Speed bumps could vanish from British roads in pollution crackdown after study reveals they increase production of noxious gas
Monday 24th April 2017

Speed bumps are a familiar part of everyday life when driving along British roads. They aim to reduce driver’s speed by forcing them to take their time over each and every bump. But what if their negative attributes outweigh their positives?

Steph Cockroft, The MailOnline, reports:

Nissan goes Rogue at NYIAS 2017 with wild Star Wars-themed crossovers
Friday 21st April 2017

Star Wars fans rejoice! Nissan has perhaps produced your dream car!

CARMagazine, MSN News, reports:

Sadly, we’re not expecting tank-like Qashqais any time soon, but do take a moment to enjoy the lunacy of a go-anywhere, tracked Nissan Rogue (think X-Trail for the US).

Do you know what you can tow?
Wednesday 19th April 2017

Knowing exactly what is included on your licence and how much you can legally tow is hugely important. Not only to stay safe, but to avoid risking a fine of as much as £1,000, and three to six points on your licence!

David Motton, The Telegraph, reports

M25 takes the title as UK’s slowest motorway
Monday 17th April 2017

London has a reputation for being a city that struggles with heavy traffic, so it comes as no surprise that the M25 has taken the titles as the UK’s slowest motorway.

Jack Evans, Yahoo! News, reports:

Public driverless shuttle to be used in UK for the first time
Friday 14th April 2017

It might be a small journey for a driverless car, but it’s a great leap forward in driverless technology!

Laura Thomson, Yahoo! News, reports:

An autonomous commuter shuttle is to be seen on the streets of London in a UK first.

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