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One in three parents could be putting children’s lives at risk by incorrectly fitting car seats.
Friday 9th September 2016

Putting the safety of your children first will always be a no brainer, but what if you’re unknowingly putting your little one at risk?

Rob Hull, The Daily Mail, reports:

How to get the best efficiency from your car – in five simple steps
Wednesday 7th September 2016

The summer has officially drawn to the a close, and the kids are back in school. But what about the daily commute back and forth to work? Yahoo! News tells you just how to get the best efficiency from your car, whether you’re in a hatchback, a coupe or sedan.

The Netherlands is on the brink of banning the sale of petrol-fuelled cars
Monday 5th September 2016

Moving away from fossil fuels and towards greener energy solutions is being led by the Netherlands, as the petrol car ban bill approaches. The bill has been created as part of the steps towards improving air quality and securing more sustainable energy supplies.

Commuters could buy new car for less than the prices of their first class rail season tickets!
Wednesday 31st August 2016

Commuting to work can be testing at the best of times, but at least if you travel via train you know you’re saving money right? Well, actually that might not be the case…

Ray Massey, The Daily Mail, reports:

How to become a driving instructor
Tuesday 30th August 2016

If you’re looking for a career change, why not do something you’ve probably spent hundreds of hours doing already? Have you considered teaching others to drive?

California Makes Lane Splitting Officially Legal
Friday 26th August 2016

Lane filtering, or lane ‘splitting’ as it’s called in the USA, has been legalised in California, despite the associated risks to the motorist. Lane filtering is the slightly grating practice of riding a bicycle or motorbike between roadway lanes of vehicles driving in the same direction.

Should your phone have a ‘Drive Safe’ mode?
Thursday 25th August 2016

The use of mobile phones whilst behind the wheel is still a major concern for road safety.

Are GPS Navigation Systems As Useful As They Could Be?
Tuesday 23rd August 2016

Almost half of motorists think car GPS systems need to be improved, a recent poll by Be Wiser Insurance has found.

13 phobias that affect drivers, passengers and pedestrians
Monday 22nd August 2016

Not everyone is a natural driver, with ‘hesitancy’ even being cause for a fault on your driving test. But what if this hesitancy is escalated to the extreme, making the fear of driving, or other drivers, a real and scary prospect? Motoring phobias are real, and worth knowing about.

2016 BMW i3 review: the best electric car this side of a Tesla – and half the price!
Wednesday 17th August 2016

If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of the BMW i3, then this report will tick every box. Learn about the battery technology, speed, acceleration, cost and driving modes in our latest article:

Andrew English, The Telegraph, reports:

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