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One in five drivers has taken penalty points for someone else
Monday 16th July 2018

New research has found that men are much more likely to take the blame for another driver’s offence, without considering the serious repercussions they may face.

ITV News reports:

Average speed cameras better at slowing cars down
Friday 13th July 2018

A recent study suggests that motorists are more likely to slow down for average speed cameras than for fixed cameras.

 The RAC reports:

Motorists pick up bad habits 10 weeks after passing their test
Wednesday 11th July 2018

New drivers must reach a good level of competence on the roads in order to pass their test, but new research has found that it isn’t long before they forget what they have learned and start to pick up bad habits.

Emma Elsworthy, The Independent, reports:

EV chargers to become mandatory on new homes
Monday 9th July 2018

When buying a house, you tend to think of the future. Would a house with EV chargers tempt you to buy, over a house without EV chargers?

Martin Saarinen, Auto Express, reports:

All the signs you're a back-seat driver, according to study
Friday 6th July 2018

Back seat drivers cause accidents, but how do you know if you are one?

Emma Elsworthy, The Independent, reports:

Children exposed to a third more toxic car fumes than adults
Wednesday 4th July 2018

Michael Gove has claimed that recent figures regarding air pollution levels are “troubling” and that the government need to do something about it.

The RAC reports:

Finding the best mechanic in your area
Monday 2nd July 2018

A good mechanic can help keep your car running longer and save you money on repairs. However, finding a decent, reliable garage to look after your car can be harder than you might think.

BP buys EV charge company Chargemaster
Monday 2nd July 2018

Electric cars are increasing in popularity, which means there is more demand for fast chargers at petrol stations across the UK. The sale of EV charge company Chargemaster to BP could greatly help with this demand.

Jimi Beckwith, Autocar, reports:

Hyundai teams up with Audi to boost hydrogen cars
Friday 29th June 2018

Car manufacturers Hyundai and Audi are teaming up to work on hydrogen car technology and provide more options in the green vehicle market.

Costas Pitas, Yahoo News, reports:

Motorists 'are being misled by autonomous driving aids'
Wednesday 27th June 2018

A report has suggested that some drivers are taking less care when operating cars that have new driver assistance features, because these systems are being marketed as “autonomous” or “self-driving”.

Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian, reports:

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