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Driving aggressively will cost you £560 extra a year in fuel, new study reveals
Monday 16th January 2017

Driving safely is not only a benefit for other road users and the driver, but research has also shown that driving carefully will also cost you less.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Women drivers ‘ripped off’ at garages
Friday 13th January 2017

All of us want to get the best deal possible when purchasing a car, whether that’s a new or used model. We all like to try our bargaining skills, but what if cars aren’t your area of expertise?

Would you let your child travel alone in a self-driving car?
Wednesday 11th January 2017

Self-driving cars have been a popular topic in the media throughout 2016, but as the notion of driverless vehicles become more of a reality, it’s time to consider how they might impact on your everyday life.

Matt Burt, MSN News, reports:

De-icing your car is a legal and social obligation – here’s how (and why) to do it.
Monday 9th January 2017

It’s officially the coldest time of year, and this means taking extra care behind the wheel. Taking the time to clear your windscreen and keep it clear is not only sensible and safe, it’s a legal obligation.

Ed Wiseman, The Telegraph, reports:

Scrap your car and raise money for charity
Friday 6th January 2017

If your New Year’s Resolution is a new car and giving more to charity, perhaps this is the perfect scheme for you!

Andrew Brady, Motoring Research, reports:

Mazda introduces new MX-5 Artic
Thursday 5th January 2017

Mazda has revealed the new MX-5 Arctic ahead of the model’s arrival in the UK in February.

Yahoo! News reports:

Parking in London is the second most expensive in the world
Wednesday 4th January 2017

Finding a free parking spot in town is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You’re certain a free parking space exists, but more often you’re met with costly parking meters, double yellows lines, and if you’re lucky, a ‘2 hour limit’.

Rob Hull, The Daily Mail, reports:

High demand for a reduction in the drink-drive limit
Wednesday 21st December 2016

Drink driving is dangerous, careless and unfortunately is still a problem. Encouragingly, research has shown that more than half of people would reduce the drink driving limited to zero-tolerance.

Yahoo! News, reports:

70% of people would store Christmas presents in the car to hide them from loved ones.
Tuesday 20th December 2016

If your presents to loved ones are already wrapped, then at least you’re part way to concealing them, but if you’re a last-minute wrapper, you will no doubt have a number of places that you have ready to hide them.

Car key jammers: What you need to know
Friday 16th December 2016

Everyone is aware of the campaign reminding drivers to remove valuables from view when leaving your car unattended. The risk used to be from a passer-by smashing the car window and stealing your handbag that had been left in plain view.

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