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Drivers facing £20 idling fines as councils aim to curb emissions
Monday 20th August 2018

Fines for drivers who leave their cars running whilst stationary have been implemented by councils across the country.

Joe Holding, Auto Express, reports:

Dealers report a swing away from diesel
Friday 17th August 2018

An RAC dealership survey has found that over a third of independent dealers have sold fewer used diesel cars in the last year.

The RAC reports:

MPs launch an inquiry into funds for pothole-riddled routes
Wednesday 15th August 2018

The Government is set to open an investigation into the feasibility of speeding up the process of repairing the poor conditions of UK roads.

Rob Hull, This Is Money, reports:

Tuesday 14th August 2018

Backseat Driver Comments That Drive Us Around the Bend - from our partner Warranty Direct

Highways England to test in-vehicle signage on A2 and M2
Monday 13th August 2018

Highways England is set to launch a new project to explore the viability of wireless motorway signs.

Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express, reports:

Drink drive alcohol interlocks get first UK trial
Friday 10th August 2018

A new initiative has been launched in an attempt to stop repeat offenders driving under the influence of alcohol.

Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express, reports:

Durham police will offer free car alcohol interlocks to people who commit crimes “where alcohol is a factor”

8-year-olds among children caught driving underage
Wednesday 8th August 2018

Alarming statistics have shown that over 1,000 underage drivers have been caught speeding on the road in the last year, with some offenders being as young as eight years old.

The RAC reports:

Overcharged: UK electric car drivers face paying more to charge at peak times
Monday 6th August 2018

Energy regulator Ofgem has warned drivers of electric vehicles they will have a bigger energy bill if they choose to charge their cars during peak hours.

Adam Vaughan, The Guardian, reports:

Low-carbon E10 petrol could be introduced at UK forecourts
Friday 3rd August 2018

The Government has set up a discussion on how a new type of petrol, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, can be implemented throughout the UK.

Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express, reports:

Half of young people want to own an electric car
Wednesday 1st August 2018

In a poll of over ten thousand drivers, the AA has revealed that young people are more likely to want to own an electric vehicle than their parents.

Roger Harrabin, the BBC, reports:

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