Friday 21st February 2020
Call for SUVs to be banned in towns and cities in a bid to cut cyclist and pedestrian fatalities

As cyclist and pedestrian deaths account for nearly 30% of all road fatalities in the EU, there is a call for action to be taken.

RAC reports:

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has called for a ban on SUVs in towns and cities in a bid to cut cyclist and pedestrian fatalities.

Council’s report says: “Research shows that the risk of severe injury or death for a pedestrian is higher in collisions with Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and vans compared to passenger cars.

“Three design factors influence more severe collisions: SUVs and vans are stiffer, they have higher bumpers and are heavier.”

The ETSC called for “urgent action” while highlighting that: “51,300 pedestrians and 19,450 cyclists were killed on EU roads over the period 2010 to 2018.”

Cyclist and pedestrian deaths account for 29% of all road fatalities in the EU, while 99% of pedestrian deaths and 83% of cyclist casualties are caused by incidents involving vehicles.

However, some crash test experts are challenging the ETSC’s view that banning SUVs will lead to safer roads.

Results from one such group, Euro NCAP, show that SUVs made up four of the top 10 vehicles for vulnerable road user protection in 2019.

The rating system indicates how well pedestrians and cyclists are protected against injuries to the head, pelvis, upper and lower leg.

The safety of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike should always be a priority, but whether SUVs are increasing risk levels needs to be further investigated.

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