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Wednesday 4th June 2008

Attendees at the second Bikefest UK at Donnington Park will find that motorbike safety is a key issue at the annual event.

Thursday 15th May 2008

Motorcyclists in Hampshire are being targeted by a new police campaign to promote road safety, it has been revealed.

Wednesday 7th May 2008

Council officials in North Devon are looking to clean up a stretch of road in the area, it has been reported.

According to the North Devon Gazette, the district council has established groups of workers to tidy up the A361 near Tiverton.

Thursday 1st May 2008

An environmentally-friendly automotive company has revealed that more than one million cars each year are illegally scrapped.

Wednesday 30th April 2008

A new initiative in order to curb the bad behaviour of some motorbike riders in Kent has been set up by the local police force, according to a local news source.

Tuesday 15th April 2008

A new campaign from authorities in Hampshire is urging drivers to have some consideration for people using bikes on roads in the region, it has been reported.

Monday 7th April 2008

Bolton Council needs to do more in order to solve the problems caused by potholes across the region, it has been reported.

According to This is Lancashire, the north-west is the fifth worst region in the UK when it comes to the problem, with 16 recorded for every mile of road.

Wednesday 19th March 2008

Police in Cumbria have appealed to drivers to take care on roads in the region this Easter, it has been reported.

According to the News and Star, there were five fatal collisions reported in the area between April 1st and 15th 2007, as well as 16 serious accidents.

Monday 18th February 2008

An organisation which promotes tyre safety has urged motorbike riders to make sure their wheels are properly maintained.

TyreSafe comments that unsafe tyres could result in serious injury for motorcyclists, while it could also endanger other road users.

Monday 11th February 2008

Motorists in the UK should be sure to check that the tyres on their vehicles are in good working order before heading out onto the road.

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