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Research has shown that women are at greater risk in car accidents
Driving Laws
Friday 10th January 2020
Research and accident data has found that women are at significantly greater risk in certain types car accidents.
How much do you know about personalised number plates
Driving Laws
Monday 30th December 2019
As Christmas has passed and we are in the run up to the new year, a reflection on a popular motoring gift, personalised number plates, is in order!
Where in the UK are the most speeding fines given?
Driving Laws
Monday 23rd December 2019
Hundreds of thousands of speeding tickets were issued across the UK in 2018, the most of which were issued in Avon and Somerset.
Where do the 2019 general election parties stand on motoring?
Driving Laws
Wednesday 27th November 2019
With the general election looming, what would each party aim to do for the UK in terms of motoring?
On-the-spot £100 fines for drivers who ignore motorway lane closure signs
Car Insurance
Wednesday 29th May 2019
A new law set to come into force will allow motorway cameras to observe traffic and punish motorists who ignore the red ‘X’ gantry signs.
Wales backs default 20mph limit for all residential areas
Car Insurance
Monday 20th May 2019
Leaders in the Welsh government have called for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on all residential roads across the country, in an attempt to improve public health.
Millions of motorists risking fine for wrongly believing that phone use behind the wheel is legal
Car Insurance
Friday 17th May 2019
A new study has found that over two million motorists are not aware that using your phone whilst driving is illegal.
Drug drivers on Britain's roads hit record levels
Car Insurance
Friday 14th December 2018

Accidents involving drug-drivers rose by more than 50%, data from the Department of Transport has shown.

Rebecca Camber, The Daily Mail, reports:

The number of drug-drivers caught on Britain's roads

Long-range camera takes aim at dangerous drivers
Car Insurance
Friday 30th November 2018

Gloucestershire Police have employed the use of a mobile camera, in an attempt to curb dangerous and illegal activity by drivers.

The RAC reports:

Police have a new weapon in