Friday 24th July 2020
Since the ease on lockdown restrictions, there has been a surge in driving lessons

It’s important that people can begin learning to drive again and can feel safe and confident whilst doing so. So thankfully, lessons have begun again.

Motors reports:

Driving schools are one of the businesses that are seeing a huge spike in customers following coronavirus lockdown restrictions being eased.

According to the AA Driving School, it has seen an increase of more than 500 per cent in the number of people looking to get behind the wheel, with 10,000 learners already on the waiting list for lessons during the lockdown.

The government announced a nationwide lockdown on March 23 to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, which meant driving lessons were stopped for all but essential key workers.

However, an announcement by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency last week meant instructors could resume lessons providing strict safety measures were met. The biggest surge in demand was on the Friday following the announcement that driving schools could reopen with an increase of 560 per cent week-on-week in lesson bookings.

Sarah Rees, managing director of AA Driving School said: “We are thrilled to be able to help learner drivers after the lockdown restrictions and know that thousands of instructors across England will be welcoming them back with open, socially-distanced, arms.

“All of our instructors have been issued with detailed guidance about how they can manage the risk of coronavirus and we are confident that they will be prepared to safely and effectively.

“We have taken many precautions to ensure pupils will be taught in a safe, effective and comfortable environment during Covid-19. We want pupils to learn with confidence during these uncertain times.”

It is good to see that people are confident in getting back on the roads for lessons and wanting to see things more normal again. Hopefully the levels of safety in place are strict enough and everyone can learn to drive with the confidence that they are as safe as possible. 

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