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A quarter of drivers to walk more in 2020
Driving Safety
Wednesday 22nd January 2020
26% of survey respondents have decided their new year’s resolution for 2020 is to walk more.
Manchester is tackling winter weather with Gritter Thunberg and Spreaddie Flintoff
Driving Safety
Monday 20th January 2020
These vehicles are hoped to spread some cheer as well as grit with their ‘punny’ names.
Block out the sun’s glare as you drive with AI technology
Driving Safety
Monday 13th January 2020
CES 2020 took place in Las Vegas last week, with Bosch, revealing a new way to protect drivers from sun glare.
Research has shown that women are at greater risk in car accidents
Driving Laws
Friday 10th January 2020
Research and accident data has found that women are at significantly greater risk in certain types car accidents.
Almost three in four motorists would risk driving through flood water
Driving Safety
Wednesday 8th January 2020
A new survey has found that only a quarter of drivers would avoid flood water to prevent their car being swept away.
Air Freshener causes car explosion, driver claims ‘I should be dead’
Driving Safety
Monday 6th January 2020
Just a few days before Christmas, a driver survived after blowing up his car by lighting a cigarette after spraying air freshener.
Google Maps now allows users to find EV charging points by plug type
Driving Safety
Friday 3rd January 2020
A handy new Google Maps feature for drivers has been announced to add further ease for those who drive electric cars and are looking for the right charging point for their vehicle.
New technology has been introduced to aid broken down electric vehicles
Driving Safety
Friday 27th December 2019
A freewheeling hub has been developed which rescue patrols can use to fix the rear wheels of a broken-down car.
Lorry driver imprisoned for killing a cyclist that was hidden by his cluttered dashboard
Driving Safety
Wednesday 18th December 2019
Due to his cluttered dashboard, that he had been warned of the dangers of, a lorry driver killed a cyclist that was not in his line of sight.