Wednesday 27th May 2020
Car dealerships have been given the go ahead to offer click and collect services

It has been confirmed by the government that car dealerships can now operate click and collect services, meaning that customers who bought cars ahead of the lockdown, or during it, will now be able to come and collect their vehicle. There is also speculation that car showrooms will be able to reopen at the beginning of June.

Motors reports:

The government has confirmed that car dealerships will be able to operate click and collect services.

While premises must remain closed to the public, the latest government guidance issued last night has car showrooms listed as one of the outlets that are able to offer a click and collect service.

The guidance says: “All retail, other than those exempt, must close their premises to members of the public. However, staff may be present to make deliveries or provide services in response to orders such as those through telephone, online, or mail.

“Click and collect services can also operate, though customers must not enter premises listed in the left-hand column.” Other premises listed in the same category include outdoor markets and auction houses.

The rules above apply to purely England-based car dealers, with those in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland not being confirmed to adopt this guidance.

The move to allow click and collect has been welcomed by dealers, as it means customers that had bought cars ahead of the lockdown, or during it, may now be able to come and collect their vehicle. Tight social distancing restrictions will still remain, though.

It’s worth noting that the government had already given the green light for cars to be sold and delivered to someone’s home during the lockdown restriction, though it was not something offered by all.

No official date has been given as to when car showrooms will be able to reopen, though June 1 is widely reported as the date when many think premises will be able to reopen.

Many car dealers are already taking necessary precautions in a bid to tackle the spread of coronavirus once they can reopen. Measures include implementing social distancing measures for both staff and customers, along with having the relevant PPE in place.

There has been speculation that many businesses will begin opening in the coming weeks with safety measures in place, and this appears to be the case for car dealerships. Whether the showrooms open or not, there has been government confirmation that click and collect can commence as a service, providing reassurance to many that everything is not at a complete standstill. 

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