Monday 11th May 2020
Free rental car service provided by Toyota for key workers

Toyota is offering its entire fleet of rental vehicles as free to use for key workers in London during the coronavirus outbreak. This scheme follows similar help offered by other car manufacturers, too. 

Motors reports:

Toyota is helping key workers in London during the coronavirus outbreak by offering its entire fleet of hiyacar rental vehicles for free.

The support, which is only offered to London’s NHS staff and key workers, applies to Toyotas listed on the Hiyacar service that are normally used for short-term private rental. A total of 31 cars will be available as part of the scheme including the Aygo city car up to the Rav4 SUV, and 571 days’ worth of free rentals have already been made use of by key workers. However, key workers still have to cover the cost of insurance which, according to Toyota, works out at £9 per day.

Paula Cooper, director of Toyota GB’s customer insights division ConsumerOne, said, “Our support of hiyacar’s initiative to keep key workers moving seemed like a simple gesture at the outset but to see the extent of what has been achieved with a relatively small number of cars – well over a year’s worth of loans – is really heart-warming for all of us here.

“As well as enabling safe commuting, we recently learned of a nurse in Leatherhead who uses one of our cars four days each week to administer home-testing for disabled patients and we know that a wide range of key workers, ranging from pharmacists to physiotherapists, from social workers to scientists have all been able to continue carrying out their duties thanks to hiyacar’s rental fee waiver programme.”

The scheme follows similar help from other manufacturers including MG, Land Rover, Nissan and Vauxhall.

NHS staff and key workers who want to take advantage of the offer should look here for more information. 

It is so positive to see multiple manufacturers stepping up to help the wider community during a difficult time. Hopefully, lots of key workers will benefit from this scheme and it will be helpful in easing their commuting pressures. 

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