Friday 3rd January 2020
Google Maps now allows users to find EV charging points by plug type

A handy new Google Maps feature for drivers has been announced to add further ease for those who drive electric cars and are looking for the right charging point for their vehicle.

Motors reports:

Google Maps now lets users find electric vehicle charge points that possess the right types of plugs for different vehicles.

Smartphone users who search for nearby charging stations on Google Maps will see a filter box that lets you search for specific plug types including Tesla, CHAdeMO, CCS (Combo 1), CCS (Combo 2), Type 2 and J1772. This means electric car owners can more easily find points with the right connectors for their car – aiming to make ownership more hassle-free.

The news follows when, earlier this year, Google Maps added a feature telling users whether a charging station is in use or not.

However, The Verge has reported that the ability to search for charging points by plug type doesn’t seem to work everywhere. The tech news and media network claims that the feature couldn’t filter out the chargers by type in Amsterdam. In the US and UK though, it’s said to work.

Despite it being more convenient for all EVs to share the same type of plug, it’s not that simple. In the US, for example, most manufacturers use CCS connectors for DC fast charging, while Tesla has its own proprietary plug – some firms such as Mitsubishi and Nissan still use CHAdeMO plugs too.

Adding convenience to any journey is a positive for drivers, especially with the move towards the use of electric vehicles in the future.

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