Friday 5th February 2010
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Research has suggested that listening to loud music while driving can seriously hamper reaction times and cause accidents.

It is unlikely that cruising along to the gentle sounds of Classic FM will put you in danger of having a car crash but those who have their stereos cranked up to the max and blast out loud, big base tunes are thought to be putting themselves and the rest of us at risk.

A recent study has also proved that drivers who listen to rap or hip-hop music in their cars are most at risk of accidents or road rage.

Nearly one in five drivers admit that rap or hip hop music makes them aggressive behind the wheel - with almost half of drivers, confessing that songs by artists such as Eminem, Dizzee Rascal and Jay-Z, have an adverse effect on their mood an behaviour while driving.

The RAC revealed that drivers were twice as likely to skip a red light while listening to loud music, in contrast, motorists listening to classical music should be the safest drivers as more than half say it soothes them.

Stereo systems appear to be getting louder, more sophisticated and more affordable which means that vehicles booming to the beat of pop, rock or reggae are becoming all the more common.

At 95 decibels, reaction times to tasks that involve decision making plummeted by 20%. A general rule is if music is above 60 beats per minute, listeners experience a faster heart rate and increased blood pressure.

It is important that motorists choose their music carefully when driving, as up-tempo music has been shown to cause drivers to have double the amount of accidents as those listening to slower music.

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