Friday 19th June 2020
Traffic levels in the UK are getting close to pre-lockdown numbers

It appears that traffic levels across the UK are getting back to normal, whether this is to return to work, to make essential trips, making the most of lockdown restrictions easing slightly or to make the most of the odd spells of nice weather.

Motors reports:

New figures from the RAC have revealed that UK roads are starting to get back to pre-lockdown levels, with a steady growth in the number of motorists getting back in their cars.

Restrictions were put in place at the end of March with many motorists forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But, with those restrictions being eased on May 13, many motorists have taken to the roads again, whether that’s returning to work or taking advantage of the nice weather.

The figures, gathered from RAC black box insurance data, showed a 19 per cent increase in vehicles returning to the roads between the first week of lockdown and the end of May. The data also revealed that cars are now doing twice as many miles as they were at the end of March.

And it’s not just black box data that’s showing the increase, the RAC has also seen a 45 per cent increase in breakdown callouts compared to pre-lockdown levels.

The latest government advice has eased the lockdown restrictions further, allowing up to six family members to meet up in a public place or garden, which should mean the number of cars on the road will grow further.

However, a survey of 1,800 motorists has revealed nearly two-thirds had no intention of visiting friends or family this week.

RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said: “Both our black box insurance and breakdown data clearly indicate that overall traffic on our roads is increasing but based on our research these journeys are more likely for essential purposes than for ‘socially distant socialising’. Where people are meeting up with others in England, it seems they are choosing to stay local.”

It is expected that more people will begin venturing out in the coming weeks, but with no indications as of yet as to any nationwide changes, this is hard to predict. 

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