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Britain’s road rage problems revealed as almost a quarter of drivers admit to confrontation
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Monday 13th May 2019
Almost 25% of British drivers admit to getting involved in some form of road rage, a new study has revealed.
Drug drivers on Britain's roads hit record levels
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Friday 14th December 2018

Accidents involving drug-drivers rose by more than 50%, data from the Department of Transport has shown.

Rebecca Camber, The Daily Mail, reports:

The number of drug-drivers caught on Britain's roads

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Thursday 13th September 2018

While there has been an 11 percent decrease in UK road accidents within the last five years, there were still 181,384 reported cases during 2016.

When it comes to car

Increase in drink-drive deaths in 2016 revealed
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Friday 24th August 2018
Figures released by the Department for Transport show over 200 people were killed in drink-drive related road accidents in the UK during 2016.
Motorists pick up bad habits 10 weeks after passing their test
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Wednesday 11th July 2018

New drivers must reach a good level of competence on the roads in order to pass their test, but new research has found that it isn’t long before they forget

All the signs you're a back-seat driver, according to study
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Friday 6th July 2018

Back seat drivers cause accidents, but how do you know if you are one?

Emma Elsworthy, The Independent, reports:

Gasping loudly when the driver brakes, complaining about speed and stamping on an

New MOT test rules could result in more road accidents
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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

The new MOT exemption for classic cars more than 40 years old could result in more road accidents due to a lack of understanding and potential safety oversights.

Peter Stubley,

Be Wiser Insurance
Friday 18th May 2018

Following his accident at the official Bennetts BSB test day at Snetterton on Thursday, Shane remains in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital under observation for a range of injuries.  

Eyes on the road: Big brother cameras aim to stop distracted motorists from texting, unwrapping burgers or fixing their makeup whilst driving
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Wednesday 16th May 2018

A new law will allow cameras to catch motorists using their phones while driving, catching them driving at speed for up to 50 meters. They will also watch to see