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Car Insurance
Monday 20th November 2017

One in ten vehicles from overseas that were stopped in UK last year had a mechanical problem. Defects included faulty brakes and faulty steering, making them a dangerous addition to

2,000 lorries a year crash into rail bridges
Car Insurance
Friday 3rd November 2017

Delays caused by lorries crashing into rail bridges are more common that you may think. It can be an incredibly dangerous collision, and Network Rail are taking precautions to reduce

Clocks going back brings 20% spike in car accidents
Car Insurance
Monday 30th October 2017

Whilst many of us thoroughly enjoyed the extra hour in bed on Sunday, it’s worth noting that it may  be a good idea to be extra vigilant on the roads

All new cars to come with 'eCall' technology
Car Insurance
Wednesday 11th October 2017

If you’ve involved in an accident and you’re unable to call the emergency services, you will undoubtedly rely on members of the public to step in and take control. But

Survey reveals men are twice as likely to write off their car than women
Car Insurance
Wednesday 27th September 2017

New research has found that men are more than twice as likely to write off a car than women.

Ted Welford, MSN news, reports:

The data – recorded from 2,004

Tired lorry drivers face new £300 on-the-spot fine for staying at the wheel in a bid to reduce accidents involving HGVs
Car Insurance
Monday 25th September 2017

Tiredness kills. Although this is a well-known campaign, unfortunately some drivers still fail to stop and rest at correct intervals, and some may not realise just how long they’ve been

Learner drivers to be allowed on to motorways in Government shake-up
Car Insurance
Wednesday 30th August 2017

Learner drivers are currently not allowed on motorways, but it looks as though that’s set to change.

Neil Lancefield, The Independent, reports:

Learner drivers will be allowed on Britain’s motorways, 

Heavy rain after a hot spell – how to drive through floodwater (if you really have to)
Car Insurance
Monday 17th July 2017

Whilst is best to avoid floodwater wherever possible, sometimes you have no other option but to drive through it. The below guidelines aim to reduce the risk of accident or

Why drivers should NEVER try to follow a friend’s car
Car Insurance
Thursday 13th July 2017

Taking a road trip with friends is probably on the cards at some point this summer, and whilst it might sound like a good idea to just follow your friend’s