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Drive-by Accident Snaps Lead To Prosecutions
Car Insurance
Thursday 4th June 2015

On May 28th a four lorry pile up occurred on the A14 between Histon and Girton. The accident was captured on the mobile phone cameras of passing drivers, and

Takata Faulty Airbag Recall Reaches 34 Million
Car Insurance
Thursday 28th May 2015

Takata, the Japanese airbag maker, has revealed that over 34 million cars have defective airbags installed; causing  safety concerns, and the biggest recall in US automotive history. Regulators have said

Driverless cars could potentially offer a wealth of benefits and more functions than we expec
Press Releases
Thursday 28th May 2015

Over 70% of motorists would not trust driverless cars, a recent survey has found.

The poll asked drivers if they would trust a driverless car that doesn’t have any passengers

Car Trackers To Be Installed For "Safety"
Car Insurance
Thursday 30th April 2015

Tracking devices have been in mobile technology for a while now. With GPS tracking and people ‘checking in’ on social media it’s easy to know where your friends may be.

Are You One Of The One In Ten Motorist Who NEVER Wash Their Car?
Press Releases
Tuesday 21st April 2015

One in ten British motorists admit to never washing their car. Aside from making UK roads less attractive, dirty cars can be dangerous, causing visibility issues for the driver as

Super Car Crash
Car Insurance
Thursday 2nd April 2015

It was an expensive slip up for one test driver, not only for his pocket but nearly for his life! Luckily, one quick thinking salesman acted bravely to save the

Small Relief For Pet Owners
Car Insurance
Wednesday 18th March 2015

It can be devastating when your beloved pet goes missing, especially if, as happens occasionally, no trace of the animal is ever found. Now, however, new rules will give some

Be Wiser Insurance
Thursday 5th March 2015

The Department for Transport has revealed shocking figures regarding the numbers of accidents involving cyclists over the last 5 years in the country’s capital.

The details were reported in a

Be Wiser Insurance
Car Insurance
Monday 4th August 2014

Whether UK drivers are planning to travel in Britain or are heading abroad there’s always the concern of hitting a traffic jam at the worst possible time. To combat this,