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Car Insurance Groupings

Fri, 05/11/2010
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What are Car Insurance Groups?
There are three main considerations that influence the cost of car insurance – the driver, the car, and the use the driver is making of the car. We all know that, when it comes to the driver, factors like their age, gender and driving history are used to calculate car insurance costs. When it comes to the car, the factors that influence the cost of car insurance are combined together and expressed as a single number – the car insurance group.

How are Car Insurance Groups worked out?
Car insurance groups range from group 1 to group 50. Group 1 insurance is the cheapest insurance group whilst group 50 is the most expensive. The groups are calculated by working out the car’s performance (the acceleration and top speed being very important), security, and the car’s value new. The costs of repairing, replacing and fixing parts for the car are also factored in – the cheaper it is in parts and labour costs (time is a factor) the lower the insurance group is likely to be.

What are the Lowest and Cheapest Car Insurance Groups?
Insurance groups 1 and 2 are the lowest and cheapest insurance groups. Group 1 and group 2 cars are typically 900cc to 1.3 litre cars with a smaller, lighter chassis. Often these cars are used by first time or young drivers, short distance commuters or for city driving.

List of Cheapest Insurance Group Cars:

Group 1
Chevrolet Spark 995cc
Citroen C1 998cc
Fiat Panda 1,108cc
Skoda Fabia 997cc
Vauxhall Corsa 998cc
VW Fox 1,198cc

Group 2
Smart ForTwo 999cc
Citroen C1 998cc
Fiat Qubo 1,360cc
Nissan Pixo 996cc
Peugeot Partner 1,587cc
Skoda Fabia 1,198cc
Toyota Aygo 998cc
Toyota Yaris 998cc
Vauxhall Corsa 998cc

Insurance companies re-calculate car insurance groups based on their experience of handling claims. Therefore, the above list is not exhaustive and can change daily!

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