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National Grid supports bringing forward 2040 ban on new petrol and diesel car sales
Wednesday 11th April 2018

National Grid believes the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars could feasibly be brought forward to 2030.

Adam Vaughan, The Guardian, reports:

The Met Police’s new fleet of cars will emit only water
Friday 23rd March 2018

As we move towards a future of cars that are more considerate to the environment, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the Met Police are leading the way in low emission vehicles.

Richard Aucock, Motoring Research, reports:

Supermarkets launch Christmas petrol price war
Tuesday 5th December 2017

December is an expensive time of the year, with Christmas presents to buy for loved ones and no doubt a few Christmas parties to attend. So the prospect of a price war for petrol will certainly be well received.

Hugo Griffiths, AutoExpress, reports:

One third of motorists looking to switch from petrol and diesel for their next car
Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Electric cars are growing in popularity, so much so that one third of motorists are looking to buy one for their next vehicle.

Simon Davis, Yahoo! News, reports:

13 thrifty fuel saving tips that every driver should know
Friday 20th October 2017

Who isn’t on a budget? With Christmas only a few months away, all money saving tips are greatly appreciated, but have you thought about how you could be saving money on your fuel consumption?

Business Report, reports:

Electric car owners ‘can drive for free by letting energy firms use battery’
Monday 16th October 2017

Encouraging car buyers to opts for an electric model over the typical petrol or diesel options can be tricky. However, a new scheme is offering a tempting incentive that could make electric cars much more appealing.

Adam Vaughan, The Guardian, reports:

Electric car that can recharge in moments is being developed by Toyota
Friday 15th September 2017

One of the major issues with electric cars at the moment is the amount of time it takes for them to be recharged. To fill up at a conventional petrol station takes a few minutes, whereas to charge an electric car currently takes approximately 30 minutes.

The Independent reports:

Scotland to ‘phase out’ new petrol and diesel cars by 2032
Wednesday 13th September 2017

As the shift towards electric cars continues, it comes as no surprise that Scotland is looking to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2032.

Shehab Khan, The Independent, reports:

Picking up the kids from school today? Leaving your car idling for 10 minutes each school day for a year creates toxic fumes to fill two jumbo jets!
Monday 11th September 2017

Recent research has highlighted the impact of not turning off your engine at the school gates, with 20 minutes of idling a day capable of filling a swimming pool with fumes.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

UK motorways could be covered with pollution tunnels to trap fumes
Friday 11th August 2017

If you live near a main road or motorway, you’ll be familiar with the noise pollution that inevitably accompanies a busy road. But, have you thought about the air pollution?

Michael Cox, Auto Express reports:

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