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December puts an end to four months of falling petrol prices
Wednesday 15th January 2020
The price of oil increased over December, meaning that prices are due to rise this year.
Two-fifths of drivers considering an electric car as their next purchase
Car Insurance
Friday 24th May 2019
Around 12 million motorists are now considering an electric car as their next purchase, an online survey of motorists has found.
Banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040 is too late, advisers warn
Car Insurance
Wednesday 15th May 2019
Government advisers have called for the ban of selling petrol and diesel cars to come into force ten years earlier than planned to help meet the country’s zero emissions target.
EV chargers to become mandatory on new homes
Car Insurance
Monday 9th July 2018

When buying a house, you tend to think of the future. Would a house with EV chargers tempt you to buy, over a house without EV chargers?

Martin Saarinen, Auto

BP buys EV charge company Chargemaster
Car Insurance
Monday 2nd July 2018

Electric cars are increasing in popularity, which means there is more demand for fast chargers at petrol stations across the UK. The sale of EV charge company Chargemaster to BP

Hybrid car sales soar while diesels plummet
Car Insurance
Monday 25th June 2018

Drivers are opting for more environmentally friendly cars, with sales of hybrids increasing year-on-year and diesel cars plunging in popularity.

Adam Vaughan, The Guardian, reports:

Sales of plug-in hybrid cars

Silent killers: Road safety group calls for all electric cars to produce a sound.
Car Insurance
Friday 11th May 2018

Research by the Guide Dogs charity said people are 40% more likely to be run over by a quiet hybrid or electric car than by one with a petrol or

National Grid supports bringing forward 2040 ban on new petrol and diesel car sales
Car Insurance
Wednesday 11th April 2018

National Grid believes the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars could feasibly be brought forward to 2030.

Adam Vaughan, The Guardian, reports:

National Grid would support

The Met Police’s new fleet of cars will emit only water
Car Insurance
Friday 23rd March 2018

As we move towards a future of cars that are more considerate to the environment, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the Met Police are leading the way in