Monday 10th February 2020
Ban on new petrol and diesel car sales brought forward to 2035

The plan to ban the sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2035 has been agreed in order to act upon global warming worries.

Motors reports:

The UK is set to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel cars in 2035 under plans outlined as part of a UN climate conference launch.

The ban, which was previously proposed for 2040, also now includes hybrid vehicles – leaving fully electric cars as the only powertrain exempt from the restrictions.

Boris Johnson, who announced the COP26 climate conference which will take place in November in the UK, will urge other countries to follow the UK’s example by setting emissions targets to reach net zero.

Johnson said: “There can be no greater responsibility than protecting our planet, and no mission that a Global Britain is prouder to serve. 2020 must be the year we turn the tide on global warming – it will be the year when we choose a cleaner, greener future for all.”

The government will consult bringing forward the planned ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040 to 2035 – and earlier if possible.

Edmund King, AA president, raised concerns regarding the newly set target.

King said: “We must question whether we will have a sufficient supply of a full cross-section of zero emissions vehicles in less than fifteen years.

“We will also need a package of grants coupled with a comprehensive charging infrastructure at homes and in towns, cities, motorways and rural locations.

“At the very least the Government should take up the AA demand to cut VAT on new EVs to boost sales and make vehicles more affordable to those on lower incomes.”

There are both positives and negatives of moving the ban forwards five years for UK residents, but perhaps we should all look at the bigger picture and welcome action in terms of the climate crisis.

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