Thursday 19th March 2015

Oil imports could be cut by 40% due to a surge in electric vehicles on the roads. Motorists could be reaping the benefits by 2030 as more drivers are predicted to switch to electric vehicles, making driving a lot less expensive for drivers of petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles.

The Guardian reported:

“An Automobile Association (AA) poll of 16,000 drivers last December found that 71% expected to change their car in the next five years. One-third said they would opt for a petrol-fuelled vehicle, one quarter for diesel, 5% would pick a hybrid and just 1% would choose an electric car.

“However, fuel economy and low emissions were mentioned by 84% and 55% of drivers respectively as factors they looked for in selecting a new vehicle.

“Our research shows that drivers’ attitudes are changing when it comes to choice of car. Drivers want fuel efficient cars that are also reliable, safe, comfortable and easy to service. However there is still a massive leap of faith to be made before drivers fully embrace full zero emission vehicles,” said Edmund King, the AA president.”

Even though only 1% of people say that they would get an electric car, the figures are expected to rise due to more information becoming available about electric and hybrid vehicles! 

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