Monday 27th July 2020
Moto service stations cut fuel prices

With an aim to save drivers £4.00 per full tank, Moto Hospitality service stations will be trialling a cut in its fuel prices at five locations in the UK. 

Motors reports:

Moto Hospitality service stations will be trialling a cut in its fuel prices at five locations around the country.

The scheme, run by the UK’s largest motorway service provider, will see the price of fuel cut by 8p-per-litre at sites on the M6, M5 and M1. The move is designed to bring prices more in-line with local petrol stations and supermarkets, and if proved successful will be spread out to all 47 Moto forecourts across the country.

The plan will see the price drop at five forecourts on three of their sites including Frankley on the M5, Lancaster on the M6 and Donington Park on the M1. It will mean prices will drop to 111.9p per litre for unleaded and 117.9p per litre for diesel, bringing it under the latest RAC fuel watch figures. According to Moto, the changes could mean an average saving to drivers of £4 per full tank.

Moto chief executive Ken McMeikan said: “Times are tough, and we know from our customer insight that motorists want to see lower fuel prices to help them make their money go as far as possible.

“We are hoping that, subject to a successful trial, we will be able to roll out these fuel price cuts to all our Moto-operated petrol stations.”

Hopefully these trials will amount to some consistent savings for drivers on the motorways. 

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