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Fuel Price & Efficiency News

Thursday 19th March 2015

Oil imports could be cut by 40% due to a surge in electric vehicles on the roads. Motorists could be reaping the benefits by 2030 as more drivers are predicted to switch to electric vehicles, making driving a lot less expensive for drivers of petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles.

Monday 16th March 2015

If more UK drivers decide to buy an electric car then the country could save billions in fuel costs. While it requires a massive investment in infrastructure by the Government, the added health benefits and costs cut could be a big incentive.

Friday 13th March 2015

Recently a shock admission by Ministers that encouraging uptake of diesel cars may have been a mistake, due to their unexpectedly high nitrogen oxide emissions, has caused a backla

Thursday 24th October 2013
There is no denying that the pockets of British motorists have been hard pressed in recent years by rising fuel costs, bogus insurance claims artificially inflating premiums and road tax price hikes.

Wednesday 25th September 2013
You have picked up your shiny new car from the garage and are gingerly driving it around town with pride to get the feel.

Thursday 16th May 2013
We all need a helping hand with money at the moment. The economy is still wavering around the stable/unstable mark and everyone is keeping those belts tight.

Thursday 13th September 2012
If you park regularly in the centre of your home town you are likely to know all the best parking spots, the cheapest car parks and even those little back alleys that escape the eye of the traffic warden.

Monday 6th August 2012

Everyone is feeling the pinch nowadays and the cost of everyday living seems to be rising more and more each week. As the price of fuel particularly keeps on increasing it seems that many motorists are risking a breakdown by running their cars on fumes.

Thursday 28th June 2012

With many British drivers taking their cars on the continent this year the cost of fuel is high in everyone’s mind. A recent survey by the Post Office has revealed that the cost of fuel has increased in the last few years in many popular European destinations.

Monday 11th June 2012

As anyone knows who has been on a long journey recently fuel prices are still continuing to rise and if you happen to have to stop at the motorway services this is especially true, with prices sometimes in excess of 10p more than at regular petrol stations.

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