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Thursday 7th February 2008

The increasing cost of petrol is the biggest worry for drivers in the UK, a new poll shows.

Research from Motors.co.uk indicates that close to two-thirds of people (63 per cent) driving on British highways regard the problem to be the most important facing them.

Wednesday 30th January 2008

Motorists can save as much as £300 per year if they opt to become more environmentally friendly on the road, according to new research.

Wednesday 2nd January 2008

More than a third of drivers are choosing other means of transport as a result of rising petrol prices, a new survey has claimed.

Thursday 27th December 2007

Drivers who take steps to reduce their impact on the environment by following the government's smarter driving tips can save money on fuel and car insurance.

Thursday 20th December 2007

There is no need for motorists in Norfolk to worry about a lack of petrol in the region this Christmas, according to an industry official.

Wednesday 19th December 2007

The Highways Agency has launched an appeal to get motorists to take into account the amount of fuel they will need for journeys, it has been reported.

Tuesday 11th December 2007

A number of motorists are set to protest against the increasing price of petrol in the UK this weekend.

Transaction 2007 is a coalition comprising farmers, hauliers and motorists who are aggrieved at the amount by which fuel has gone up this year,

Thursday 6th December 2007

Registrations of vehicles with diesel engines went up over the course of November, new figures indicate.

Wednesday 7th November 2007

The cost of petrol has hit an all-time high in the UK, it has been reported.

According industry researchers Catalist, the average cost of unleaded fuel is now more than £1 per litre, the BBC has reported.

Tuesday 6th November 2007

An initiative by police in Suffolk saw a number of motorists pulled up for breaking the law on the roads, it has been reported.

The East Anglian Daily Times has stated that there were over 357 drivers caught by officers in the region as part of the operation on Friday.

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