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Fuel Price & Efficiency News

Sunday 9th October 2011

European driver habits are being shaped by high fuel prices, with motorists reconsidering the benefits of multi-litre fuel guzzlers.

Thursday 11th August 2011

A proportion of motorists across the UK are filling their cars up with an illegal fuel substance, it has been claimed. Research from Revenue and Customs found that in some areas of the country around one in five vehicles were found with red diesel inside.

Tuesday 28th June 2011

Almost half of all drivers expect to be filling up their cars with alternative fuels by 2020 says a recent poll by a leading motor trade magazine.

Saturday 11th June 2011

The congestion charge in London may result in some used cars suffering from a loss in value, it has been claimed.

Friday 6th May 2011

Some unscrupulous drivers are turning to stealing petrol from forecourts to meet the rising costs of car ownership; they simply fill up and then drive away without paying.

Monday 7th March 2011

Alternative fuel is becoming more of a valid option to drivers in the UK as a result of the credit crunch, it has been claimed.

Sunday 12th December 2010

With more and more motorists in the UK taking holidays in the UK due to rising costs of air travel it is important to keep an eye on the cost of fuel, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Sunday 28th November 2010

Businessmen and women looking to cut their motoring bills should consider whether their journeys are necessary before getting in the car, a new report suggests.

Sunday 21st November 2010

A number of drivers in the UK would be happy to go green in the future, it has been claimed. Research from EDF Energy has found that more than 17.5 million people would switch their vehicle for an environmentally-friendly one.

Monday 1st November 2010

New research has revealed that motorists choosing to fill their vehicles with superfuels at the petrol station may not necessarily see significant improvements in economy. A study conducted by What Car?

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