Thursday 18th June 2009
Be Wiser Insurance

Fundamentally, student home insurance is just like normal home insurance - you pay for cover that will mean if items are lost, destroyed or stolen then money will be provided for replacements.

However, as with lots of purchases, students can get bigger discounts. Some providers insure so many university-goers that they can afford to cut prices and stay competitive.

Research has shown that students, whether they live in halls of residence, a shared house or flat, can be at a much higher risk of burglary.

Parties and other entertainment may also raise the chances of something being broken or lost.

You may not realise it, but course books and laptops are hot items for thieves - and an academic career could be disrupted if one of these was to go missing.

So, the first thing to see when applying for student insurance is what can be covered. Some companies allow policies to be for any number of items, while others have tighter restrictions.

Make sure the premiums are paid on time and read the small print carefully to see what is included. Some polices, for example, do not cover accidental damage.

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