Wednesday 27th January 2010
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Drivers who tailgate other motorists while at the wheel are one of the most dangerous threats on UK roads.

Recent surveys reveal that 60% of women regard tailgating as dangerous, whereas only 47% of men believe this to be the case.

Similarly 40% of young drivers consider tailgating other drivers to be unsafe compared to 55% of other age groups.

It has been revealed that tailgating and sudden breaking is the biggest causes of road rage. Impatient and irresponsible drivers who tailgate often prompt the driver in front to respond by sudden braking.

Results from the RAC have shown that morning rush hour appears to be the most likely time for road rage, in specific tailgating as motorists are in a rush to get to work.

Almost a third - 32% - of tailgating takes place between 8am and 10am, with 63.5% of tailgating taking place in a town or city as opposed to rural areas.

Whatever the incentive, road rage is now a common occurrence, with many incidents ending in violent behaviour, destruction, or injury. To avoid potential problems while driving, motorists should always be courteous.

Many of Britain’s motorists regard other drivers as lacking basic road safety skills. Too many road users slip into bad habits, such as tailgating - either through ignorance, impatience or, even worse, aggression.

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