Monday 30th March 2009
Be Wiser Insurance

Motorbike insurance customers could boost their chances of staying safe on the road with a product from TyreSafe.

The company is offering free 90 degree tyre valve extensions to the first 300 bikers to sign up to its e-newsletter at

It is making the gesture as part of Bike Tyre Safety Month and hopes motorcycle enthusiasts will use the devices, which are aimed at making it easier to check and adjust pressure, to keep their tyres in a safe condition.

Chairman Stuart Jackson explained that some people can find it difficult to access their valves.

"Unlike car tyres, valves on motorcycle tyres are located in the centre of the rim to avoid any wheel balance issues," he said.

Mr Jackson added this can cause problems when trying to inflate tyres as some equipment is too big.

Incorrect pressure can cause changes in performance that can endanger the rider through unresponsive handling.

TyreSafe also reminded customers that they should adjust their pressure if carrying a load or passenger.

In February, the company warned that motorists are taking their lives in their hands by driving on unsafe tyres.

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