Thursday 25th September 2008
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British motorists are reportedly spending £3.9 billion every year repairing used cars that break down following the expiration of their warranty.Warranty Direct has published a list of the 100 most reliable cars, while also examining which vehicles are the most costly to repair.Top of the latter ranking was the Jaguar S-Type, with an average repair cost of £442.84, closely followed by the Audi TT at £402.51.The MG TF, MG ZT and Lexus IS200 all cost over £390 to fix up when they break down when aged four to eight years old.Duncan McLure Fisher of the company said: "The cost of parts and labour on some models is shocking and really comes into play once a car leaves the protection of its manufacturer warranty."With some drivers shelling out from their own pocket or using their car insurance to pay for costly repairs, he added that the only "real winner" is the garage.In July 2007, Which? magazine rated the Honda Jazz as the most reliable new car, with Honda and Toyota being the most reliable brands.

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School drop-offs appear to be the main cause for return of the morning rush hour
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Friday 16th October 2020
Data from September showed traffic levels to up again during the typical morning rush hour times. It appears that this is due to people dropping children off at schools and nurseries rather than by commuters heading to places of work.
18% of UK drivers aged 17-24 admit to video calling whilst driving
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Monday 12th October 2020
A recent report has revealed that 18% of young UK drivers are taking video calls whilst driving, which is concerning to hear.
An ‘affordable’ Tesla could hit the car market by 2023
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Friday 9th October 2020
Elon Musk has announced upcoming plans for Tesla, including making an affordable electric car within the next 3 years.